What does LIGHT tell us about the INTENTION of the Universe?

Is light a particle or a wave? Is it both, or is it something more? In this presentation, Rising Tide Foundation director Matthew Ehret revives the fight between the two opposing schools of science featuring the Cartesian ideologues and materialists on the one side and the creative minds of Kepler, Fermat, Huygens and Leibniz on the other.

Where empiricists of the newly emerging “enlightenment” school attempted to reduce causality to mere thoughtless mechanics and formula bounded by the shackles of mathematics, the great creative scientists who actually made discoveries of principle always knew that man’s mind and the mind of the creator could only come into harmony if the explorer flew beyond the limits of mathematical formalism.

By exploring the original discoveries of the wave nature of light, you may be surprised that we are dealing with the entire universe and the economy of nature. Secondary Material accompanying this presentation: Pierre Fermat and the Dynamics of Least Time by Jason Ross https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS91a… Light: A History https://science.larouchepac.com/fermat/

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