Symposium: Rediscovering the Infinite Through Classical Art

On Saturday February 9th, the Rising Tide Foundation hosted a symposium on the revival of classical culture in the arts. The event opened with a presentation on Shakespeare and the use of tragedy in elevating an audience’s knowledge of human nature in order to break free from tragic dynamics within us. Another lecture was delivered on the role of classical painting in liberating the mind’s enslavement to the senses and providing a moral education for all sensitive souls.

These lectures occurred at a moment that the world is going through the birth pangs of a new paradigm led by China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the perspective that mankind is a species of unbounded potential evidenced in the Chinese space initiative which has placed instruments on the far side of the moon as a platform for a new interplanetary economic model. This has been referred to by the Schiller Institute as “hitching our economy to the infinite”.

Since the finiteness of our individual lives is finally being brought into an active (rather than merely contemplative) relationship with the infinite for the first time in decades, the role of art as a medium which harmonizes those two contrasting states (change/no change, sensual/rational, eternal/temporal, etc) can now be explored in fullness the way great poets, painters, and dramatists had done in ages past.

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