Symposium: The Edgar A. Poe You Never Knew

On June 8, 2019 a symposium hosted by the Rising Tide Foundation titled “The Edgar Allan Poe You Never Knew” was held in Montreal Canada.

160 years of slanders begun by Rufus Griswold and enemies of Poe have kept alive a false image of this great poet which this event intended to disprove. The symposium was held in 3 acts in order to do justice to the purloined life of Edgar A. Poe.

The first act delivered by Rising Tide co-founder and Canadian Patriot Review editor Matthew Ehret, presented Poe as a figure in world history who consciously aligned himself with the forces organized by Marquis de Lafayette who had led an international republican conspiracy from 1824-1830. These forces which we prove Poe was a part, worked hard to ensure that the failure of the French Revolution of 1789 could be undone and Europe made finally free of hereditary power structures.

The second act given by Rising Tide co-founder Cynthia Chung, deals with the fallacious myth of Edgar Poe being merely a writer of horror with an obsession of the criminally insane. And rather that Edgar Poe was in fact presenting the tragic in human nature, something we can all identify with, and that we must be conscious of in order to avoid our own self destruction. By investigating the mind of those who become tragic, we can gain a better understanding of how not to walk down that same path.

In the third act presented by guest speaker David Gosselin, Editor of The Chained Muse, we explore the poems of Edgar Poe and how they are in fact an investigation into the sublime, as exemplified by the writings of Friedrich Schiller.

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