La Convivencia: A Time of Muslim, Christian, Jewish Coexistence

By Fred Haight

This video on my visit to the southern part of Spain, known as Andalusia, is about 7 years old. I went there, because I was fascinated by the idea that Jews, Christians, and Muslims lived together in the area peacefully, and, that under Muslim rule, Andalusia was way ahead of anywhere else in Europe, in terms of education, scientific research, and the ability to support large urban populations.

To my knowledge, everything that I report in this video is accurate, including the nefarious role of the Inquisition in overturning Convivencia. However, at the time, I only knew of Andalusia as an isolated phenomenon. What I was not aware of during the time of this video’s production were concurrent developments in the 8-10th century kingdom of Khazaria, where all three religions also lived in peace, but this time under Jewish rule from the 8-10th century. Nor did I fully understand the role of China, and the re-emergence of the Silk Road during the Tang Dynasty.

The Silk Road may very well have been the unifying factor in civilizations of the era. Working together, for progress that will change the face of the planet, can bring different races and religions into harmony, around a common task, like nothing else. Today, the Eurasian Land Bridge, is the New Silk Road.

I hope this short video might, in a modest way, contribute something to a modern Convivencia.

Fred Haight is a musicologist and historian based out of Ontario. He has published and lectured extensively on matters of classical composition, science and the evolution of schools of classical music internationally.

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