Frederick Douglass: Legacy of an Abolitionist

This conference webinar was organised by the Frederick Douglass Sculpture Committee (FDSC) to bring attention to a project that has been in the works, and for which the residents in Roxbury have been advocating for over a decade; a Frederick Douglass memorial statue. After a long process, the FDSC and the Boston Art Commission have decided on a site just down the street from the Frederick Douglass Peace Garden on Tremont Street.

A digital representation of what the Frederick Douglass Memorial will look like when finished. The plan is to also have a large garden surrounding the Memorial.

The statue, designed in a collaboration between Los Angeles-based sculptor Mario Chiodo and local Roxbury artist Paul Goodnight, pays homage to Douglass’ lifelong fight for women’s rights, children’s education, and the freedom of slaves. For a video of the process of creation for the Douglass sculpture click here:…

Rising Tide Foundation President Cynthia Chung was kindly invited to be a guest speaker to discuss the life and times of Frederick Douglass and how these lessons continue to be just as relevant to us today. You can find Cynthia Chung’s article “A Historical Reminder of What Defines the United States, As Told By Frederick Douglass” here:…

Lastly, for those who are interested in supporting this initiative please visit the gofundme page and make a donation, every little bit helps!…

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