Hussein Askary Discusses the New Silk Road’s Advance Across the Middle East

Anyone looking at a map of the Belt and Road Initiative will notice that Syria, Iraq and Iran’s stability and active participation are vital for this world changing program to function. Anyone not realizing that this program of win-win cooperation is in direct opposition to the dismal paradigm of “a clash of civilizations” would be blind to the very essence of world history and modern events.

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Recently, EIR Southwest Asia Coordinator Hussein Askary gave a powerful interview with Syria Times where he described the short sighted regime change plans of in Middle East and world at large which has thankfully been disrupted with Russian and China’s collaborative presence in the region:

“These forces have been upset with the victories achieved in Syria and Iraq to clean the country from the U.S. and British-backed terrorist groups, and finally pave the way for the integration of the region into the Belt and Road Initiative / New Silk Road from China, through Central Asia and Iran to Iraq then Syria and the Mediterranean. President Bashar Al-Assad just two weeks ago declared that the Belt and Road Initiative is Syria’s way to reconstruction, and revealed that Syria has six strategic mega projects in this regard. The Iraqi Prime Minister, Adel Abdel-Mahdi was in China in late September and signed many significant agreements to exchange oil for reconstruction of infrastructure. This was a revolutionary development.”

These under-reported developments of the New Silk Road’s progress through the Middle East are vital to understand anything about the world, including the mass-protests calling for the Iraq government’s ouster, the western-backed regime change in Syria or the current dangerous events in Iran.

Askary has been invited to various Arab governments in recent years to present development plans for the Middle East and Africa under the Schiller Institute’s World Landbridge Report which develops upon the global extension of the New Silk Road across all continents as a replacement to the collapsing uni-polar world order. Askary’s translation of the report into Arabic is available here, which also includes access to Chinese, Spanish and the original English versions.

His recent presentation on the assassination of Solemenei and broader assessment of the middle east and the BRI is worth watching for its depth of insight into causes and solutions to the greatest crises facing humanity.

Askary has also begun a new online course teaching the science of Physical Economy to Arab speakers which can be accessed here.


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