Are We Destined to Act on the Future? Optical Biophysics as a Teleological Approach to Science

In this 2013 lecture, Rising Tide Foundation director Matthew Ehret presents an introduction to the scientific discoveries that shaped our understanding of matter, electromagnetism and how the revolution in field theory gives us a better way to observe how systems of non-living, living, and cognitive matter are organised by future states of existence.

By investigating the role of magnetic fields in organising biotic, abiotic and noetic systems (including cell regeneration, embryo development, bird and fish migrations and even evolution), we may be surprised to discover that we gain a better understanding into the ontology of mind as a unique phenomenon which self-reflects upon causality within the fabric of the the universe itself. We are also confronted with the important question: How can free will have a place within a universe of law and purposefulness?

If free will can indeed exist in a universe shaped by teleological principles (ie: future states shaping the unfolding of the ever changing flux of events we call the “present”), then how must this existent freedom be defined? How must the current popular notion of freedom as the “power to do whatever we want” be refined and uplifted?


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  1. lenczner says:

    seems that the theory of electrons communication is related
    :How do quantum particles communicate when separated by great distance?


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