Kennedy and the New Frontier

In this Rising Tide Foundation lecture delivered as a sequel to last week’s Franklin Roosevelt’s Republican Grand Design, historian Pascal Chevrier introduces the figure of John F. Kennedy from several valuable frames of reference: His family traditions, his experience in the military during WW2, the geopolitical world in which he lived, his anti-imperial vision and his broader grand design for a world of unbounded exploration and win-win cooperation on earth and in space.

Additionally, we are introduced to John F Kennedy’s continental water management designs, his program for full energy sovereignty, his efforts to end the Cold War by creating a joint US-Russia space program, and his intention to revive FDR’s anti colonial strategy by exporting the best American System principles of the New Deal to Africa, Asia, South America and beyond.

A discussion of the assassination of John F Kennedy and the sabotage of his vision for humanity is also featured in this lecture.

Supplementary Reading Material:

Cynthia Chung’s Trilogy on JFK and Vietnam

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

Selected Speeches by JFK


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