Schiller vs. the Congress For Cultural Freedom

By Irene Eckert

No, there is a limit to the tyrant’s power!

When the oppressed man finds no justice,
When the burden grows unbearable, he appeals
With fearless heart to Heaven,
And thence brings down his everlasting rights,
Which there abide, inalienably his,
And indestructible as stars themselves.

-Friedrich Schiller,  Rutli Oath, Wilhelm Tell

With the global call for FREEDOM as  unifying theme of the day, the freedom poet Friedrich Schiller is back on stage. The German  poet of the classical period (1759-1895), most popular for his Wilhelm Tell,  describes beautifully  “what brings man closer to mankind“. In his philosophical poem “The Walk”, he rhymes

“Strife brings great things to the fore, Greater their union brings forth”

Every freedom loving person’s soul  in the four corners of the planet is touched  by the call  to unite in defence for inalienable rights. Schiller’s verses resonate because he combines beauty and reason, poetry and political thinking in the most remarkable way.   “Wilhelm Tell“,  the last of Schiller’s plays  on stage  during his life time advocates passionately for the  right to resist unjustified power and  Schiller’s complete work breathes the spirit of  his time, the spirit of the American and the French revolution.  It is  the call for “Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood” that inspired his beautiful mind. As a historian Schiller  laid  the ground work for a universal approach to history,  as a philosopher he  provided a theory of the aesthetic and as a poet he coined the most beautiful verses in German language. But as  a dialectic thinker he  also saw:

 The world likes to blacken the sublime.

How very true  in a world where a Christian Drosten, specialist of the PCR test, is  honoured with providing the  annual ‘Schiller Speech’ of 2020.  Referring to Schiller  as medic colleague,  a pretentious Drosten concludes:  “Schiller would were a face mask.” How far can you cynically distort reality in your arrogant ignorance?  Schiller’s ethics and the intentions of Drosten’s promotion of the PCR test could not be further apart. Whereas the fake professor belongs to the elitist world shaped by the mentors of the  equally pretentious “Congress for Cultural Freedom“  (CCF) , Friedrich Schiller belongs to  the freedom hungry masses.

Whereas Schiller  sought a way out of slavery and saw the independence of mind and soul as a precondition to full liberation, the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF)  is  anathema to everything the freedom poet stands for. Whereas Schiller called for all round education, The CIA funded mission of the  Cold War institution CCF was neither freedom nor  liberating education. On the very contrary,  the CCF’s  mission was  to keep people dumb and apart. The  multiple branches of the agency fought for the class interests of a tiny minority in opposition to the labouring masses. Schiller’ s background was modest,  his parents were small people, but his bright mind secured him the privilege of a “princely”  education. He truly liberated himself and never became a “bread-fed scholar,” nor any nobleman’s servant at any time. This is why his poetry is authentic, his verses speak to everybody and he  reaches mind and soul. The great man literally devoted his own life to freedom, enlightenment and beauty. He lived what he  believed in, namely that 

“Only through the morning-gate of the Beautiful do you make your way into the land of cognition” 

– Friedrich Schiller “The Artists”.

Together with “The Song of the Bell” and “The Walk“ , “The Artist“,  form a  triad of historically and philosophically most important poems.

Again, whereas every word  from Schiller reflects his authentic search for truth,  everything that came from the collaborators of the CCF  was fake and artificial [1].  Equipped with extraordinary   foreign funding, their contributors  had to be well paid for. The consequential CCF  inauguration  party was ironically  held in the ‘Titania Palace’,  a movie theatre in Berlin Steglitz.   Madame Eleonore Dulles  bore responsibility for the ‘thing’ that was in fact  neither a “congress”, nor had it any serious connection with culture or freedom. It was  a psy-op, set up as a  global spider web for subversive intelligence, designed to engage  artists for cheating  peoples’ minds. The  endeavour of all their hirelings was meant  to hinder  national liberation movements everywhere and to block  their struggle for freedom and sovereignty. In many respects the German people had a very special role to play in that gambling for power that dated way back to Peace of Westphalia, beyond even  Martin Luther’s days. That is another chapter one can gain an understanding of by reading Schiller’s historical works.

Here we are dealing with Friedrich Schiller as the epitome of  not only German but European culture.  And  after WWII the CCF wage scribes were commissioned to destroy this very culture. To whom this sounds too fantastic may turn to everything that the Canadian historian Matthew Ehret has published [3].  The long term project was done in a Fabian way,  gradually and often without even the awareness of their proponents.  A thwarted metaphor for turning Schillerian imagery into their opposite was the   notorious ‘Freedom Bell’ in the City Hall of Berlin Steglitz in 1950. It was sponsored by the Anglo-Saxon ‘liberators’ as  a symbol of anti-communism. The freedom culture heroes used the beautiful image as  a tool for directing the still NAZI infected minds towards yet another war against the  eternally “evil Russians”.

In stark contrast Schiller’s  most famous ballad “The Bell”   ends with a call for  harmony, joy and peace:

And  “Concord”  we  will  name  her !  — 

To  union  may  her  heartfelt  call 

In  brother-love  attune  us  all !  …

Fair  bell  to  our  city  bode  joy  and  increase, 

And  oh,  may  thy  first  sound  be  hallowed  to  peace !

Having said this, Schiller was by no means a naive idealist. The historian knew how men could be dangerously mislead against men. With reference to the derailed French Revolution he warned in the same ballad:

Man  fears  the  tiger’s  fangs  of  terror ; 

And  still  the  dreadliest  of  horror, 

Is  man  himself  in  error  !

Based  on such insight Schiller focuses on all-round education  as a precondition for authentic freedom and true democracy. Obviously dumb people can be mislead more easily. This is why Schiller did not believe in the uninformed majority vote.

“Feed the man and provide him with the means of education and the dignity will come along.”  

“A slave will not be able to position himself against his master.”  


“Weigh the votes, don’t count them”

– these are Schiller’s ideas explicitly laid down in his torso “Demetrius“, where  the Polish nobleman Sapieha proclaims  

“Majority is madness, reason has still ranked only with the few.”

Sapieha is  the only voice raised against  the sinister plans of the Polish oligarchy to  attack Russia and to illegally enthrone Demetrius.

 Schiller knew a lot about the evil intentions of the mighty  oligarchic forces  situated above nation states.  He understood their  narrow minded egotistic visions and their need for  a slavish people. Such knowledge put  the poet  in danger.

Friedrich  Schiller “was shaped by the global republican movement of his time” says Canadian writer Cynthia Chung and in deed,  the  famous “Rütli Oath” reflects the spirit of the American Declaration of Independence. Such spirit cannot be tolerated by the globalist elite and is an anathema to the  financiers of a fake freedom culture.

The mission of the oligarchs’  ‘intelligence services’ of all days  has  been to ban free thinking.  Their intention was to prevent that either a Benjamin Franklin or a Schiller or a Franklin D. Roosevelt  for that matter was ever to disturb their games again. The  intellectual foot soldiers of the  CCF-CIA were sent out after WWII  to spoil an eminent victory of the Red Army on the  cultural field.  The CCF was an answer to the  multiple, very successful  peace initiatives,  such as the founding of the World Peace Council and the Stockholm Peace Appeal. Johannes R. Becher, poet and minister of Cultural Affairs in the young GDR called the CCF   feathers  “gangsters camouflaged as literary figures.”

The hysteria whipped up against Russia today recalls  the most  vicious distortion of everything the Soviets and their allied  peoples had fought for.  Without such atrocious Red Smear the battle of ideas might  have been won by the Russians.  While smearing then Soviet  Russia for denying freedom rights in their hemisphere, the  Anglo-Saxon Empire had of course not the faintest  intention to grant freedom and sovereignty to the  nations they had conquered.

Growing economic wealth hid for decades the underlying  reality of falsehood.  The German nation in the heart of Europe was  one of their most cherished victims.  Now, it has become obvious, the moor has served its purpose, he can go. Todays  Globalists under the ‘leadership’ of an empty suit are even  going as far as to  deprive Germans  of affordable energy supplies. Light heartedly  they will destroy the German industrial base if their leaders do not follow suit and refuse to  open a new front against the Russians. And if they do obey, this will happen just the same. Narrow minded as these pseudo leaders of the ‘rules based order’ are, their  demented brains seem unable to comprehend  that the world has  thoroughly changed since they inaugurated the CCF.  Fortunately given the Chinese-Russian ‘Bond of Survival,’ a new paradigm shift  is on the horizon. But those who seek a way out of the bondage must be able to understand the opportunities offered from those alleged suppressor nations. If the freedom seeking masses are able to cut of the mental framing,  they will take the helping hand stretched out for them. The pathway to liberation has to first de-construct  the enemy imagery.

Hopefully this is already underway. Those masses out there, struggling for human and humane survival, those out there in the streets will quickly  learn how  to differentiate between friend and foe. If they are successfully throwing off their chains, it will have been  in vain that for 77 years the Anglo-Saxon secret services  were throwing around millions of  dollars. The heralds of a false freedom culture will have  failed in their attempt to bring history to a halt.

Let us re-call that  the devilish duo  Churchill-Truman openly admitted,  after the death of Hitler, that they had  “killed the wrong pig.” They detested the anti-Hitler coalition. Once their monster baby had been done away with, their  agents had to spin a world wide wire-trap-web of lies against those they wanted to kill next .  ‘Concord and Peace’ were certainly not on their hawkish agenda . Nothing had their false  notion of freedom in common  with  either Roosevelts’  famous “Four Freedoms” nor with  Schiller’s idea of ‘free souls‘.  Bringing forth educated  human beings capable of developing their multiple talents, uniting duty and inclination in accordance, were not on their agenda.

They replaced the classical humanist idea of freedom with a  narrow notion of ‘liberties’ sought to ‘free’ people  from any social obligations.  Humans should be free  to do what ever their lust dictates them. Hedonism was to be the new freedom tune. “Anything goes“  was the post modern melody on the dance floor.  The fate  of women (and children) under such conditioned ‘liberties’ would be non of their concerns. If such policies would  be detrimental for entire societies and would consequently diminish birth rates, all the better for their sinister Eugenic plans. These plans have been developed during Schiller’s lifetime by British priest Malthus.

When George F. Kennan, father of the Cold War “Containment Policy” congratulated the US composer  Nicolas  Nabokov,  secretary of the CCF in 1959 by saying:

I can think of no group of people who have done more to hold our world together in these last years than you and your associates in the Congress [for Cultural Freedom]. In this country [the United States] in particular, few will ever understand the dimensions and significance of your accomplishment, 

we see through the cynicism  of  his implications. Kennan’s “world” being that of  the  aggressive NATO military alliance, founded in 1949, with the intention to create a cold war.  Kennan’s “world“ is the  Western Hemisphere as opposed to  the then Socialist  two thirds of the planet. ‘His world‘ refers to an exclusive elitist oligarchical clique with the  distorted mind set of psychopaths . It is high time that we, the people liberate ourselves from  the disastrous  ‘accomplishments’ of the institution he praises.

The Disastrous Long-term Dimensions of CCF’s “Accomplishments

According to the New York Times the funding of the  CCF/ CIA world wide spun network of intellectual cold warriors  ended in 1966 . But its harmful influence on the global intellectual  and artistic scene still remains, often  covered by a false notion of modernity. The intellectual roots of such false  progressiveness  date back to the  beginning of the last century or even beyond. We find them with the Cambridge ‘Apostles’, the ‘Fabian Society’, the ‘Bloomsbury Club’ and more like-minded  elitist Bohemians with liaisons to the British secret services. See Leonard Woolf, Virginia Woolf’s husband, member of the Fabian Society, ex- colonial officer in Sri Lanka and their notorious circle which included, H.G Wells, Bertrand Russel, John Maynard Keynes  and many more of such perverted Malthusian minds.

Had  all the  tax money and manpower at their disposal been spent in order to combat the mental impact of fascism, Friedrich Schiller himself would have approved of such an educational effort. But,  alas the target of the CCF  legions  was beauty and reason itself.  Given their perverted set of mind this may even make  sense. If all you want is control  “beautiful souls and cognition”  are in your way.

Therefore the Dulles brothers, George Kennan and  their affiliate intelligentsia did not like Schiller.  

Churchill  has even been quoted  as saying in 1940 that Britain’s real target was not  Nazi-Germany but the spirit of the German people as expressed by the spirit of  Schiller.

By down-treading their culture  the Germans were to  be deprived of any  love for their country. Pride for their classical heritage,  intellectual and artistic achievements was ‘verboten’. 

While the cultural ‘freedom fighters’ were waving their false freedom flag over West-Berlin’s Titania Film Palace, their dollar waving  handlers had just  divided Germany and provoked  a  hot war against the Korean people.  When that one ended in 1953 they used the same ‘liberating’ strategy against the Vietnamese. And it was to be  only  the beginning of a long period of never ending wars,  initiated  by the trumponists of  the free world. In  their  ongoing “freedom fight” they  would destroy ancient cultural treasures  and put the world into shambles. As a result of their manifold nefarious activities

“we see the spirit of the age wavering between perversity and brutality, between unnaturalness and mere nature, between superstition and moral unbelief.” 

– Schiller NA XX, 320–21/E 97

Once again, barriers are being erected. Beginning with the double veto of Russia and China in the UNSC of 2012 the satanic measures against  Syria came to a halt. The geopolitical chessboard is changing gradually.  This  is the time  to rise with the tide and to re-discover the actuality of Schiller’s  works. Interesting enough Schiller has always been highly appreciated in Russia and he is treasured in China.

It is also time  for a closer look again into Schiller’s  ballad “The Cranes of Ibycus“.  With this poem he demonstrates the power of poetry and dramatic art  over the mean and brutal instincts of robbers and murderers. The ballad’s symbolism  also offer  a clue  to another unaccounted for crime.  Goethe as Schiller’s  friend  must have  seen a lot during his long life. But he  also must have had reasons to remain silent. Only after his  own death Goethe speaks. With  verses in Faust II, he takes up Schiller’s “Cranes of Ibycus“ and  covered in an anagram,  he  says what he didn’t dare say during his lifetime. See Goethe’s verses  in German below. Schiller rhymes as follows:

‘The Cranes of Ibycus

Deep-wounded,  down  he  sinks  at  last, 

When,  lo !  the  cranes’  wings  rustle  past. 

He  hears,  —  though  he  no  more  can  see, — 

Their  voices  screaming  fearfully. 

By  you,  ye  cranes,  that  soar  on  high.… 

 Be  borne  to  heaven  my  ‘murder’ cry  !

– Schiller

If there are many ways  to kill a man,  distorting the legacy of a great person is even worse than murder.

Legacy  of Germany’s Poet of Freedom and the Purposeful Neglect of National Liberation

While Schiller’s plays have almost disappeared from curricula  and stage, story telling and symbolic policy remain to be  of greatest importance for the maintenance of control. It is not a small  issue, that Schiller’s  birthplace in Marbach, on the River Neckar, is maintained  as an attraction for the sole purpose of tourism and folklore.  Nothing in the poet’s home points to  the mental legacy  of the  famous author. What we see there are portraits of his parents,  baby clothes and a statue of the adult, not to forget  a quote over the entrance door suggesting that Schiller liked beer. There is method behind such dumbness  and neglect.  

Neither the “Schiller National Museum“ (SNM) in Marbach of 1903,  nor the literary archive there are explicitly devoted to Schiller’s work. What is more, the museum is closed again. Its  recently appointed director announced a review of the entire exhibition.  Its reopening is scheduled for February 2023. In the meantime Schiller’s aesthetic theories will  be put under scrutiny. Another irony: this review of Schiller’s exhibition will be conducted under the supervision of two individuals whose  qualifications bear no references to Schiller.

This goes to show the ongoing ambiguity concerning Schiller’s legacy . Not only does Schiller’s skull still, to this day, encourage the now and then satirical remarks from journalists. In reality the poet’s bones are lost  forever. It seems as if the legacy of the classical author has  become the spoils of a dubious rabble. While  Schiller is quoted as the German Shakespeare abroad respective decency is missing at home.

The author of “Wilhelm Tell,” “Maria Stuart,” [4] “The Virgin of Orleans” and the anti-war trilogy  “Wallenstein” would have had some ideas of his own about such nonsensical sarcasm.  He might have seen “Ghosts“ at work,  gangsters of a similar mindset as  those depicted in his unfinished novel the “Ghostseer“.  Interestingly enough it was  Canadian writer Cynthia Chung, co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation who recently  provided a thorough  analysis of  the fragment, explaining how  Schiller knew how to  declassify evil  by means of aesthetic [5].

No Nationalistic Undertones in Schiller’s Work

While Schiller created some of the most beautiful and popular literature in  German verses, his dramatic art, his philosophical and historical contributions  are void of any “nationalistic overtones“. “Don Carlos“ and “Wilhelm Tell“ were banned  between 1941-45.  The Spanish nobleman “Marquis de Posa” speaks truth to power and the Swiss national hero  “Tell” denounces dictatorship by his  actions. Schiller’s characters and  metaphors reach out far  beyond all national borders. They are telling and timeless and universal.  The notorious greeting of  the “Gessler hat” has become a  strong symbol of seemingly senseless repression. Today the greeting of the dictator’s hat reminds  everybody  in the know of  the  debasing muzzle and mind cuff, unnaturally forced  upon humans in public on a global scale.

With growing repression we also see, that the Globalist clique has gone too far. The actuality of Schiller’s “Tell” has perhaps  never been more to the point than at this very moment of history. How desperate must the still governing clique be, if they need  to send out  children, camouflaged as ‘ANTIFA heroes’ and make them  call out  tax paying  citizens and democrats in defence of their legal rights as “NAZIS”. Ironically this tactic is applied on a global scale.

Those  poor kids should rather go to school again and learn that the historic NAZIS  were neither. They were neither national nor socialist as pretended by their name giving.  Questions  must also  be raised as to  why  patriotic feelings are okay in a football stadium but tabooed outside. The fashionable call  “NAZI“ is just another spin, applied internationally now to denounce people’s right to protest against anti-democratic, anti-constitutional, anti-freedom measures.

Remarkable  in this context that the governing Green Party in Germany  recently  even went so far as trying  to delete the term “Deutschland“ (Germany) from their election platform.  But will such shrewd ideas  contribute  to wiping out national sentiments or will they rather assist  real Neo-Nazis in leadership positions to do their job unattended? 

Fact is that  only a small fraction of the German electorate voted for the Greens. Their globally  trained leaders  have never the less miraculously been maneuvered into key government positions. Such maneuvering was done to the Germans before.  But  name avoiding will only  prevent  some people from understanding the true nature of the phenomenon which is a transnational disease.

Orwellian Tricks Applied to Distort Schiller’s  Brotherhood of Men into its Opposite

The transnational evil minds who brought about not only the NAZIS, but are responsible for  fascism on a global scale,  still  hold the  riches they sucked in from the four corners of the world, riches  that the labouring masses produced. Therefore they  can command an army of mercenaries in their totally  controlled media. Profit hungry, war mongering and scrupulous as they are, they hold  even the tools to de-root entire populations and implant them elsewhere.  The merciless sociopaths, bereft of any conscious, moral or reason continue to destroy age old  cultural achievements. Latest most mind boggling example was Palmyra in Syria. Like Palmyra,  Schiller is an emblematic symbol of human culture. Honouring Schiller and remembering Palmyra in one breath, we defend the cultural heritage of humanity.

What is being done to one of  us, is being done to us all.

With the ongoing global uprising the healing process has already begun.   Struggling for freedom, for peace and democracy also demands an inclusive understanding of the intrinsic and forward looking value of  the classical culture at home and abroad.

It is good to sense that Schiller’s “Don Carlos“ breathes the atmosphere of pre-revolutionary Europe. It is good to know that it  gained the young playwright  French citizenship.  “Liberte et Fraternite” are Schiller’s  intrinsic  moral values. These ethical standards  characterise his entire  work which reflects the ideas of the American and the French Revolution before they were hijacked and turned into a caricature of itself.

Un-Spinning Narratives More Important Than Ever

During the last two years the oligarchical imperial forces  have literally  driven people into the streets everywhere. The vicious tools applied to suppress and even kill  large parts of the population under a Malthusian, a Green or Great Reset  Agenda  are not working as  smoothly as intended. The master minds of an internationally organised clique, a bankers guild, a Bilderberg club,  a Davos Forum, a Fabian Society,  a fake chorus of writers and “creatives” with  their pretentious accusations against the rest of the human race will eventually meet their maker.  Once people understand what is being played, human beings will not allow themselves to be deprived of their livelihood or to be selectively murdered. Real people with brains and brawns and beautiful minds do not want to be replaced by  AI robots either . The meant-to-be disposables will fight for their  inalienable rights as Schiller most preciously predicted in his Tell drama.

 Young Canadian historian Matthew Ehret has contributed much to  make the  underlying stream of history  visible. His publications help us to see hitherto  unknown aspects of  what he calls the  “Unfinished Sympathy” and which he deals with  the US and also the latent  Canadian anti-colonial struggle. When  Matthew   finished his two volumes, he could not know, that it would be in his hitherto very  calm country Canada, where the waters  would be boiling up to the cooking point.

The brainwashing machinery is now confronted with  serious trouble.  The warping of terms, the spinning of metaphors, the turning of symbols  into their opposite  and the waving of false flags,  basic elements  of the ideological warfare are becoming  toothless when people raise up and experience the reality of the naked force behind the false promises. You can only fool some of the people some of the time.  Human weaknesses will of course  always  be targeted  by the  manipulators. But once confronted with  the naked truth of power, people will long for  literature like Schiller’s  “Tell“ but also “The Ghostseer.” The latter provides a  most useful guide  through the eternally applied dirty tricks of the ruling “intelligence”.

As foreseen by Schiller with the  intensification of  historic battles, narratives become more and more important. As the battle for ideas intensifies, the mind itself becomes  a target. The very existence of rationality  is at stake and  the idea even of the beautiful, too.  But as we are witnessing: “If the burden becomes unbearable, people rise up and take back their inalienable, their natural rights“ as said in the Rütli Oath.

With  the founding of the CCF the  Orwellian distortion of reality  had already reached a historically new level. An Orwellian spinning of notions into their opposite, the creation of black legends,  the propagation of a spirit of misery and negativity was spread . In 1950 the  ruling elites saw the need to sponsor a massive brainwashing industry, because  they knew  that the Red Army had defeated Hitler.  They did not like it. With their artificially created  monster puppet gone, they  quickly stigmatised the  entire German people  as the eternal ‘NAZI‘.  The German nation,  which was never identical with the REICH, was falsely declared responsible  not only  for Hitler but for the two  Great Wars.  Paradoxically while pretending to rein in such  ‘epitome of evil’, they prepared the same evil people for another attack on (Soviet) Russia. The nation of poets and thinkers whose cultural achievements were once admired by the world, in particular in Russia was humiliated by targeting  its cultural heritage. The memory of classical Weimar, site of Goethe, Schiller, Herder was to be wiped out by connecting the place  with  the concentration and death camp Buchenwald on the Etterberg. Following generations should not know Bruno Apitz’ novel “Naked Under Wolfs“.  They  should not learn about  Teddy Thälmann’s  murder there, just days before the war ended. The amazing fact  that the camp inmates of Buchenwald liberated themselves was to be forgotten.

In the age of  a mysterious, everlasting pandemic and a newly unleashed cold war hysteria, novels of  the 40s of last century  are propagated anew. Negativity spreaders like Camus’ “Pest“,  “The Stranger“, Sartre’s “Nausea“, George Orwell’s “Animal Farm“ and  “1984“ reemerge on the bookshelves .  It was such literature that prepared  the stage for animosities that we are  witnessing now.

 But as life for the masses has become  shallow, without any purpose or beauty, literarily on  the “Eve of Destruction“  as predicted by those paid for “existentialist“ novelists, people will throw away such junk. They  soon will also  have had enough of  brutality advocating cartoons, games, texts, theatre plays, films, even operas. Antonin Artaud and the theatre of the absurd will be forgotten, whereas great writers like  Louis Aragon  will be rediscovered and cherished again. Primitive rites, intended to shock the audience into “an awareness of life’s cruelty and violence“ will no longer be welcomed on the stage.   Dramas like Peter Weiss’s “Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade“ or his equally provocative play “Trotzki in Exile“ will quickly lose attraction. Such negativity provided by wage scribes  under the influence of the CCF-handlers and their multiple follow-ups was meant  to weaken the  spirit of resistance.  With the re-awakening of this very spirit authentic literary and philosophical achievements will be rediscovered  such as Schiller’s:

  – Idea of  ‘a beautiful soul’, that humans are capable to develop

–  Trust in the possibility ‘to edify the human spirit through the arts’,

–  the notion of ‘love in the sense of agape’, that reaches  beyond sensual satisfaction,

– the idea of courage voluntarily displayed for the defence of higher values even at the cost of one’s life,

– the insistence on educating humanity in order to create better conditions for breaking the chains of slavery and oppression,

– the conviction that the search for truth is worth the effort. Such  constructive  Schillerian ideas will no longer  be treated as idealistic trash.

Friedrich Schiller, Michael Ballweg and The Summer of Freedom

And indeed, it was in Berlin in July 2020 that Schiller’s Bell rang again for harmony and peace [1a]. And the  tune of “Ode to Joy“ was back  when  John F. Kennedy’s nephew Robert  spoke to hundreds of thousands of fearless, friendly and freedom shouting people around the Victory Column. Michael Ballweg, an IT expert,  form Suabia  like Friedrich Schiller, main organiser of the mass rally quoted Schiller’s famous words:

 Das ist nicht des Deutschen Größe

 Obzusiegen mit dem Schwert,

In das Geisterreich zu dringen

 Männlich mit dem Wahn zu ringen

Das ist seines Eifers wert.

Höhern Sieg hat der errungen,

Der der Wahrheit Blitz geschwungen,

 Der die Geister selbst befreit.

Freiheit der Vernunft erfechten

 Heißt für alle Völker rechten,

Gilt für alle ew’ge Zeit.

The essence  of these verses in English, although not the beauty of the verses is:

“What makes Germany great is not winning the battle of the sword. Whoever  penetrates the realm of the spirit and struggles bravely with false conceptions has achieved a superior victory. Whoever grasped the flash of lightening of truth, who ever fought for the freedom of the mind and who defended reason has fought for all humanity and this is an eternal truth.“

  Friedrich Schiller’s vision, his love for beauty, cutting through all artificial boundaries has re-emerged. As Suabian Michael Ballweg  demonstrated,  Schiller’s ideas are stronger than any threadbare  fake intelligence.    Wolf von Schierbrand, at the beginning of the 20th century, commemorating the centenary of  Schiller’s death told his US audience what has  made the freedom poet unique in his eyes. He mentions  non measurable spiritual qualities like  noble pathos, extraordinary wealth of imagery,  love of liberty and  insisting on human worth, plus contempt for caste or rank distinctions, purity of thought, polish of expression, and appreciation of women. These qualities, says Schierbrand, explain why  Schiller then was  the most popular poet among German  youth and women, much more popular than Goethe or even Heinrich Heine. And with  Hegel and  Hölderlin,  Novalis and Mörike,  Uhland and  Hermann Hesse, Schiller’s home region contributed more intelligence and beauty than any other German Laender of far bigger size. With that in mind and  with a profound knowledge of Schiller’s complete work, the next generation  is well prepared  to overcome the long term devastating results of destructive  ‘intelligence strategies‘  that aimed at wiping out patriotism.

“Thank-you CIA

However, just as if to remind us, that we must not triumph before the end of the day. Only last summer the German daily  Süddeutsche Zeitung  ironically titled  “Thank-you CIA“ and went on:

“With the CCF the US secret service intended to bring the LEFT on the right path“ and  ‘And Funfact: Much good came out if it.’  Everything that the CCF undertook was meant to weaken the communist ideology, …ex-communists like Arthur Koestler and Ignazio Silone warned the West against Stalin’s realm of terror“

George Orwell: Predecessor of the Pseudo “Culture for Freedom”

George Orwell’s  dystopia  “Animal Farm“  belongs to the realm  of the  fake freedom culture defenders.  Subsidised by British Intelligence it was meant as  a political satire on ‘Stalin’s Russia.’ When it was first published in England on August 17th in 1945  it came just in time to help divert world public feelings away from the negative mental effects the dropping of the Atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, steering the public conscience towards the Russians.  As an agent for a secret propaganda wing of the UK Foreign Office Orwell provided a list of “unsuitable“ persons and  suggested possible writers for the anti-communist propaganda effort. Disinformation warfare was the declared intention.  Among the high ranking and most popular individuals qualified there as unworthy for the dirty job was Paul Robeson, great  black US-artist, then  of enormous popularity around the world, a trained lawyer, an all-American football player and above all a baritone  singer and actor whom  the intelligence services destroyed in the 50s through MK-ultra techniques and more. Orwell helped destroy Robeson, accusing him as  “anti-white” but also  campaigning in support of the Welsh coal miners. Target one – no matter how – and  get them all. Here is the Empire’s way to Cancel Culture at its worst in a nutshell.

“Worthy  intellectuals“  in Orwell’s eyes were creatures like  Robert Conquest, Arthur Koestler  and pseudo pacifist Bertrand Russel who willingly composed the wanted  tune. Orwell’s satire “Animal Farm“ was also directed against  Schiller’s vision for a ‘brotherhood of men‘  at the same time a key contribution to  the Cold War. This nefarious ideological War was unleashed  immediately  after FDR’s premature  death on April 12th in  1945.  The Dulles’ CIA/CCF-combattants in fact  continued the  NS warfare against  Bolshevism under their false freedom flag . Like the  NAZIS did  before they  targeted the USSR. Their intention was identical, to dismantle and destroy it. While  the likes of Orwell  targeted the  Soviet leaders,  in reality they  projected their own empty souls onto them. A slavish character like the British agent  sees  in the call for brotherly love nothing but a Red  Ruse. Orwell and his  MI6, CIA, CCF-collaborators ideologically contributed  to the nefarious  purpose of the  Empire in their endeavour  to colonise, enslave and even diminish the peoples of the world. 

 Whereas not all of the individuals  on the CCF or the Ford-Rockefeller-Foundation payroll,  or recipients of their scholarship programmes, mostly left-leaning intellectuals  like Heinrich Böll, Günter Grass, Ernst Reuter, Willy Brandt among countless others, may have understood what purpose they served. Some might have had scruples, others consented  but none of them did raise questions. And if anyone did step out of line, like Günter Grass “with his last ink”, they were smeared as NAZI followers.

Circumstances will always push weaker human beings into  being enmeshed with friendly providers of money and fame. All the more so as truly liberated  women and men,  able to make their own choice and courageous enough to live what they believed in, have  always been targeted by the mighty ones. Schiller’s own fate is  telling . His friend and colleague Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  rhymes in Faust I : Those who saw the truth and called it out have always been nailed to the cross and burnt:

Wer darf das Kind beim rechten Namen nennen? // Die wenigen, die was davon erkannt, // Die töricht g’nug ihr volles Herz nicht wahrten, // Dem Pöbel ihr Gefühl, ihr Schauen offenbarten, // Hat man von je gekreuzigt und verbrannt.

The mental munition of the Empire has always been slander, lie, distortion of reality,  negativity, pessimism. Many of their instrumental  voices  in the 20th century were  Trotskyites. Trotsky himself having been nicknamed “The Feather“ is a telling example.  Cynthia Chung has recently published an enlightening  series of articles on the nefarious undermining influence of such key  Trotsky adherents such as  James Burnham and their changing  colours [6]. Other  key Trotskyites like Arthur Koestler and  Melvin Jonah Lasky [1] formed  the back bone of the CCF. Lasky was  a  proud US publisher  of the “anti-Stalinist Left”.  In Germany  the “prestigious“ journalist became  known  for editing  the well paying Der Monat – magazine  and was a frequent guest with “Der Internationale Frühschoppen“ – a popular Sunday morning TV Show [2].

Just as today, Russia, Soviet or not, was the supposedly evil enemy to be brought down to its knees. This goes to show their adversary targeted peace and  harmony,  barriers to their greed for the Russian riches.  

CCF Target No. One: Stockholm Appeal

As Johannes R. Becher  rightly saw, from the get go the CCF and their follow up bodies were a direct answer to the enormously successful reach out by the “Stockholm Peace  Appeal“ launched in 1950. Frédéric and Irene Joliot-Curie, both  French physicists and Nobel laureates were heading the campaign to ban nuclear weapons before the Soviet Union had  achieved such devices  combat ready. In this context the fraudulent trial and horrific death sentence of the Rosenberg couple over the effort to keep the atomic secret in the hands of the West must be recalled. They shared concerns with their  like minded  colleagues of  “The Appeal“ . With the support of  a wide range of prestigious signatories like  Anna Seghers, Thomas Mann, Pablo Picasso, Pablo Neruda, Ilia Ehrenburg, Lionel Feuchtwanger, Anglican Bishop Hewlett Johnson, Henri Matisse,  Marc Chagall and many others  the Appeal won hundreds of millions of supporters  world wide in no time.  But with its success the Red Smear began. On August 10th 1950 the New York Times titled “PEACE PARTISANS LISTED 273,470,566 Sign ‘Stockholm Appeal’.” The East coast “quality“ paper downgraded the survival instinct and the sense of social responsibility of all  the involved artists, intellectuals and  co-citizens.

Trotskyite Red Smear and Hate Speech

In spite of the blood toll of two major wars, in spite of the brain drain caused by the  NAZI regime, the German nation still  counted a considerable number of creative minds. So did every nation on this planet. These intellectuals were eager  to contribute to the peaceful reconstruction of their country, its transformation into  a democratically constituted, free, neutral and  unified Germany. Exile had been no fun. Even the most privileged, holders of US citizenship like  Thomas Mann did not escape the Witch Hunt of  McCarthy. Anna Seghers, Bert Brecht, Helene Weigel,  great actor and later director of Brecht’s Schiffsbauer Damm Theater  in Berlin (GDR), Ernst Weinert, Johannes R. Becher, Ernst Bloch,  author of “Principle Hope“, back from exile, ready  to start again from scratch. They were  more than happy to express themselves again  in their beloved German mother tongue. It was the language they had missed most, the language of Goethe,  Martin  Luther and of  Friedrich Schiller.

Targeting Beauty and The Spirit of Schiller in order to Maintain Hegemony

The German language could express everything, the most profound, the most subtle, the most volatile, the spirit and the soul, it was a language full of meaning, the mirror of the nation

The nation of poets and thinkers was never  identical with the Reich.  The Hitlerites had not only slaughtered  millions,  they also did not spare  their own people.  And the  occupying intellectual foot-soldiers and their hired media  assistants continue to gradually destroy  not only the vocabulary but also the  grammar of the German language. But in those days  many of Schiller’s beautiful verses were still vivid among the common people,  “words with wings“ as a German expression has it. 

The anti-colonial New Deal  which president Roosevelt had foreseen would have included the cultural field and would certainly have done a lot of good repair work. It would have mended bridges instead of opening an abyss between East and West. But with Roosevelt gone “a great dream was lost“, as Stalin said, hitting the nail.

But for the first post-war moment a seemingly solid, even radiant Eastern bloc still existed, busy to overcome the  terrible damages  of WWII. Stalin was alive, good patriots were leading the young GDR. With Johannes R. Becher as minister of cultural affairs and Otto Grothewohl as prime minister the classical heritage was cherished  at least in the Eastern part of Germany.  However, Stalin prize laureate Brecht and  the poet Johannes R. Becher would soon die another  early death and honourable anti-fascist Walter Ulbricht would be ousted by a coup.

Erstwhile the re-patriates  are full of energy and good will. In 1955 Nobel prize laureate Thomas Mann was invited to Weimar to commemorate  Schiller’s passing away 150 years ago . The cite of Goethe, Schiller, Herder, Humboldt, Wieland, the city were the first German democratic constitution was drafted in 1919 was well chosen for the  event. But West German chancellor Konrad Adenauer under the thumb of his Trans-Atlantic friends  would find excuses.

Thomas Mann, back in Europe,  sought  to bridge the abyss  when declaring his “Love for Schiller“ in Stuttgart first , the poet’s home province Suabia before he went on to speak in Weimar (GDR). Thomas Mann’s last contribution to save German culture. But as Schiller explained once with reference to the French Revolution:

Recent history had shown with painful clarity that if the moral character of the people is not developed, even the most idealistic revolution will fail. A vicious cycle suggests that without the state there can be no morality and without morality there can be no state. Despite the Enlightenment’s lofty goals

– Schiller (NA XX, 320–21/E 97)

But it is good to know that saviours  of culture are everywhere. We must not forget, that not only Schiller’s way of  thinking was shaped by the ideas of the American Revolution, Schiller’s influence radiated back to the American continent. US professor Lydia L. Moland from Stanford university  rightly points out Schiller’s thought has steadily influenced some of philosophy’s most prominent debates.  Friedrich Hegel and Wilhelm von Humboldt were early promoters of Schiller’s aesthetic and political theories, Marx and Engels  were praising  his revolutionary spirit and diagnosis of the modern age.  And Lydia Moland goes on to explain:  Because we recognise in the beautiful soul an image of human perfection, such harmony elicits our approval and love  and it continues to have this effect on whoever discovers his writing.

Thomas Mann in Weimar, the humble home of the German muse

This must have happened with Thomas Mann shortly before his death. While during most of his life he had preferred  Goethe,  in Weimar in 1955 he honoured his late colleague Schiller in a  most remarkable way. His speech underlined not only  Schiller’s importance but was the first one to finger point to his  premature and most likely unnatural  death. Thomas Mann begins  his speech with  describing the mysterious circumstances of Schiller’s most unconventional funeral, at midnight, without family or friends or public admirers. He  points out to the  various allusions in Goethe’s Faust II. His speech  would belatedly open the path to more in depth research into the peculiar circumstances of Schiller’s unduly passing away.

Today we know, that no excuse can explain the fact that the poet’s corpse was cut up without delay  by a doctor, who did not have Schiller’s trust during the poet’s  life time. With  the unexplained fact of his wife and his four small children absent at the time of his passing away, it is unknown  who gave the order and the permission for the autopsy. None of his dear ones participated in the hastily arranged  funeral. The then  already internationally treasured author’s body was literally  thrown into a mass grave. Schiller, who had always acted in a  most responsible manner  had left no last will, but a lot of  unfinished projects. In many respects he was at the height of his career. With his  bones vanished, the  truth about  the death of the great poet may be “lost on the bottom of a bottomless well”. (Tennessee  Williams) But humanity has a right to  raise questions as to who might have had an  interest in the  early passing away of  a genius like Schiller.

People in their struggle for survival, for freedom and dignity, the salt of the earth  must acquire  full knowledge about the dirty tricks of the evil doers because the same tricks are played against their leaders time and again. It is  utterly important that people learn  how to protect them. The search for truth, the love for beauty and  expressive language is  a  most precious precondition for liberation which always begins with conquering  hearts and minds. Rediscovering some of Schiller’s poetry might be a good start to save his legacy  for future generations. Learning  the beauty of their verses can undo the  premature death of humanity’s  greatest poets Schiller, Garcia Lorca or Pablo Neruda. 

Recalling the death of an antique poet also reminds us :“Only through the morning-gate of the Beautiful do you make your way into the land of cognition” Schiller „The Artists“, 1789.

Of  Ibycus! — That  name  so  blest 

With  new-born  sorrow  fills  each  breast. 

As  waves  on  waves  in  ocean  rise, 

From  mouth  to  mouth  it  swiftly  flies ! 

Of  Ibycus,  whom  we  lament  ? 

Who  fell  beneath  the  murderer’s  hand  ? 

What  mean  those  words  that  from  him  went  ? 

[Ibycus was an Ancient Greek lyric poet, a citizen of Rhegium in Magna Graecia, probably active at Samos during the reign of the tyrant Polycrates and numbered by the scholars of Hellenistic Alexandria in the canonical list of nine lyric poets.]

Irene Eckert is the Editor-in-Chief of Arbeitskreis for Peace Policy and Nuclear Free Europe and teacher of German literature and history. She recently delivered a lecture on this topic which can be viewed here:

Goethe calls out the Poet’s murderers in Faust II in the following anagram

Ängstlich Flügelflatterschlagen!

Welch ein Ächzen, welch Gestöhn

Dringt herauf zu unsern Höhn!

Alle sind sie schon ertötet,

See von ihrem Blut geröthet.

Mißgestaltete Begierde

Raubt des Reihers edle Zierde.

Weht sie doch schon auf dem Helme

Dieser Fettbauch-Krummbein-Schelme.

Ihr Genossen unsres Heeres,

Reihenwanderer des Meeres,

Euch berufen wir zur Rache

In so nahverwandter Sache.

Keiner spare Kraft und Blut,

Ewige Feindschaft dieser Brut!

BIO: Irene Eckert is a retired college teacher of English, German language and literature, history and  political science. She is a long term peace worker and member of WILPF (Women’s International League For Peace Freedom) and has lectured internationally. Irene also edits the German anti-war magazine Arbeitskreis für Friedenspolitik.

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[1] Lors de la conférence de Berlin, Nicolas Nabokov proclame :« Avec ce Congrès nous devons construire une organisation de guerre[3]. »Le lieu du Congrès n’est pas choisi au hasard, puisque Berlin sort tout juste d’un blocus imposé par l’Union soviétique. Parmi les personnalités présentes au Titania Palace on dénombre tous types d’intellectuels anti-staliniens : des conservateurs et, en plus grand nombre, des membres de la gauche non communiste : Franz BorkenauKarl JaspersJohn DeweyIgnazio SiloneJames BurnhamHugh Trevor-RoperArthur SchlesingerBertrand RussellErnst ReuterRaymond AronBenedetto CroceJacques MaritainArthur KoestlerJames T. Farrell, Richard Löwenthal, Robert MontgomeryTennessee Williams et Sidney HookErnst Reuter, maire de Berlin-Ouest de 1948 à 1953, préside le comité d’organisation, tandis que Melvin J. Lasky, citoyen américain installé en Allemagne, assure la fonction de secrétaire général[4].  Source:ès_pour_la_liberté_de_la_culture

[1a] Since 1950, the bell has been located in the Rathaus Schöneberg, the former city hall of West Berlin

[2] The composer  Nicolas Nabokov, an agent of the  American Military Government  in Germany from 1945 to 1947 soon replaced hysteric  Koestler as  general secretary  of the Congress for Cultural Freedom 1951 -1967  (Lors de la conférence de Berlin 1950, Nicolas Nabokov proclame : « Avec ce Congrès nous devons construire une organisation de guerre[3]. »ès_pour_la_liberté_de_la_culture)

[3] The Clash of the Two Americas, Open vs Closed Systems Collide by Matthew Ehret with contributions by Cynthia Chung, Canada 2021 (see Chapter 28 “Why  must aesthetics govern a society worthy of political freedom? Ask the CIA p. 297 f. and Schiller  as antidote to the CCF p.301)

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[5] Cynthia Chung’s Ghost Seer paper can be found at here’s her class: 

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Some More Notes: (April2004) (2003) (10. 11.2009) published Fri Apr 21, 2017; substantive revision Mon Apr 26, 2021

Eine neue Frau an der Spitze: Vera Hildenbrandt wird Mitte Dez. 2021 Leiterin des Schiller-Nationalmuseums und des Literaturmuseums der Moderne in Marbach. Richter bleibt Direktorin des ganzen Literaturarchivs, Present Director of the Literary Archive in Marbach has no specific qualifications about Schiller, nothing publicised on behalf of his works

(see Wolf Von Schierbrand „The Centenary of Schiller’s Death“ The North American ReviewVol. 180, No. 581 (Apr., 1905), pp. 566-575 (10 pages

The Nazis maltreated  the German language, too . See Victor Klemperer’s  study LTI / Lingua Tertii Imperii, The Language of the Third Reich .

Urs Bigler, Der Fall Schiller – Anklage Mord/ „Ehre ist Meer von Blut“, Neunkirchen 2015

ISBN: 978-3-906240-23-7

Wikipedia: Vorstand des Vereins Otto Günter im Mai 1920 um neue Mitglieder mit den Worten: „Der wertvollste Besitz des deutschen Volkes und der einzige, den ihm niemand rauben kann, sind seine geistigen Güter. Zu ihnen hinzuführen hat sich der Schwäbische Schillerverein, der im Mai 1920 auf 25 Jahre seines Bestehens zurückblicken kann, zur Aufgabe gesetzt. Er sucht diese zu erfüllen durch seine Veröffentlichungen und durch die ständige Ausstellung im Schillermuseum in Marbach, in dem unter dem größten unter ihnen auch die andern Dichter aus Schillers Heimat vereinigt sind und das eine Volksbildungsstätte im besten Sinne des Wortes genannt werden darf. – Die Not unseres Volkes gibt den Bestrebungen des Schwäbischen Schillervereins erhöhte Bedeutung. Aus den reichen Schätzen seines Schrifttums kann das deutsche Volk innere Kraft gewinnen und damit die Zuversicht, daß es sich aus seiner Erniedrigung wieder erheben werde.“ Am 13. Mai 1922 wurde die Umbenennung des Museums in Schiller-Nationalmuseum beschlossen: „Die Pflege des Schillerschen Geistes […] und […] Erhaltung und Förderung der […] Erinnerungsstätte (sind) eine gemeindeutsche, nationale Sache.“ Auch das Weimarer Goethe-Museum wurde 1927 in Goethe-Nationalmuseum umbenannt„2009 von Pres. Köhler wiedereröffnet im Mittelpunkt der neuen Dauerausstellung stehen Leben und Werk Schillers sowie die deutsche Literatur des 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts. Wegen Sanierungsarbeiten gab es bis zum Schillerjahr 2009 keine festen Ausstellungen und somit auch keine Schiller-Ausstellungen.

Museum und Archiv verfolgen gemeinsam das Ziel, Texte, Dokumente und Lebenszeugnisse der neueren deutschen Literatur zu sammeln, zu ordnen und für die Forschung bereitzustellen

 Nachtrag: In Kriegs- und Krisenzeiten kommt es fast immer zum Schulterschluss zwischen Regierung und Bürgern. Im Dauer- „Krieg gegen Corona“ und seine immer neuen „gefährlichen Mutanten“ geht es inzwischen ähnlich zu wie in Orwells „1984“, wo die Menschen ständig mobilisiert und in fiktive Kriege gegen neue Feinde gehetzt werden, die nie jemand zu Gesicht bekommt. Noch abgefeimter, ja, von einer geradezu sadistischen Genialität (im Sinne psychologischer Kriegsführung) ist das (von US-Geheimdiensten und Denkfabriken ausgeheckte) Narrativ von einem unsichtbaren, zersetzenden Feind, der jederzeit und überall zuschlagen kann und der in jedem von uns, in deinem Nachbarn, deinem Arbeitskollegen, sogar in deinen liebsten Angehörigen und erst recht in dir selbst lauern kann. Michael Schneider

Bertrand Russel war laut wikipedia Kurz nach Kriegsende sprach er sich sogar für einen Präventivkrieg gegen die Sowjetunion aus, welche noch nicht über Atomwaffen verfügte

Swiss dramatist and Rockefeller scholar Max Frisch wrote 1970 an anti-Tellür_die_Schule

Die 5 Verse unter der Zeile „Mordgeschrei und Sterbeklagen“ lassen sich restlos in Scharaden auflösen. Es bleibt kein Buchstabe übrig, und jede Zeile ergibteinen Hinweis auf die Ermordung Schillers. (30. 01. 2011)

“They have filthied up the FREE world and placed a chill over what used to be an exuberant culture. Everything they touch, dries up and blows away as dust on the winds of hell they make. All through history, they leave a trail of devastation in what was once prosperous and full of hope.” (comment on Canada’s Premier withdrawing Emergency Act on RT  25.02. 22

Harold Pinter in his courageous Nobel Price Acceptance lecture of Dec. 9th in 2005 “But as I have said, the search for the truth can never stop. It cannot be adjourned, it cannot be postponed. It has to be faced, right there, on the spot.”

“I believe that despite the enormous odds which exist, unflinching, unswerving, fierce intellectual determination, as citizens, to define the real truth of our lives and our societies is a crucial obligation which devolves upon us all. It is in fact mandatory.

“If such a determination is not embodied in our political vision we have no hope of restoring what is so nearly lost to us—the dignity of man.”

Nabokov  had   also worked for the U. S. Strategic Bombing Survey in Germany in 1945 on the suggestion of British dramatist W. H. Auden another CCF collaborator. After the war  Nabokov stayed on to work as a civilian cultural advisor in occupied Germany.

The Criterion Vol. 40, No. 5 / January 2022

1959 George F. Kennan to Nicolas Nabokov, general secretary  of the Congress for Cultural Freedom 1951 -1967

NATIONAL SOCIALISM AND SCHILLER “Schiller’s humanitarianism and cosmopolitism“„

Österreichische Magisterarbeit über Arthur Koestler

“Arthur Koestlers Verhältnis zum Kommunismus und seine Rolle im Kongress für kulturelle Freiheit“ Verfasser Stefan Flamisch


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