An Electric Challenge to Critics of the USA

It has become common place to look at the western world and see only its blemishes. Obviously, imperial behavior spread over decades of American foreign policy has not helped this problem.

While it is of vital importance to acknowledge the ugliness, corruption and malevolent deeds conducted under the banner of “the United States of America”, it is far more important to recognize that a higher goodness also exists within America which has invoked some of the greatest leaps into progress, liberty for all humanity and anti-imperialism the world has ever seen.

In this week’s Rising Tide Foundation lecture, historian Anton Chaitkin introduces a lesser-appreciated side of the United States with a comprehensive overview of the greatest humanist traditions led by scientist/statesman Benjamin Franklin and the many statesmen who followed in his footsteps leading up through the 19th and 20th centuries. This lecture will take us through the battles which republican forces for progress waged against the Wall Street/City of London financial centers who desired, like ancient Zeus, to keep the fire of electricity, and other creative discoveries from benefiting the peasants, remaining forever in the hands of the elites.

Were the United States to re-discover it’s moral fitness to survive the coming storms in our modern age, then it is because these forgotten traditions were revived alongside other nations of the earth desirous of a prosperous and peaceful future.

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Supplementary recent research by Anton on the Wall Street London fight to crush the USA and Thomas Edison, see the following documents:

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