The Cold War as an Aberration of History [A Symposium in 5 Acts]

Between November 28 and December 26, the Rising Tide Foundation is hosting a symposium of 5 lectures featuring different stories from the Cold War. Each story zeroes in on the artificial causes of this dark period in world history that never should have happened and how great men and women who understood how to break humanity free of its constraints had their lives cut short and plans subverted.

Half Genius, Half Bloody Idiot: Churchill as Warlord

Speaker Bio: Martin Sieff is Adjunct Professor of Transnational Threats at Bay Atlantic University and a senior fellow of the Global Policy Institute and the American University in Moscow. He is the author of seven books including “Cycles of Change: the patterns of US politics from Thomas Jefferson to Barack Obama‘ – and “Gathering Storm: The Three Great Eras of US History and Coming Crisis that Will Lead to the Fourth”

Who Killed Alfred Herrhausen and Why?

Speaker Bio: Dirk Pohlmann is a German investigative journalist and documentary film maker. He has worked as television and print journalist for 35 years and has produced hundreds of televised reports. He has written and directed more than 20 documentaries, mostly about intelligence operations in the Cold War. He is currently chief editor of Free21, an online and print magazine. He is acting partner of dibeva, an worldwide online media marketplace, (a sort of a journalistic ebay), which is currently in closed beta phase and will be online until the end of the year. Dirk was contracted to write a book about the Herrhausen cold case in early 2019. The book was supposed to be published at the 30th anniversary of the murder. Herrhausen was killed with a high tech bomb. The murder happened on 30th November 1989, three weeks after the Berlin wall came down ushering in an age of great hope and potential which Herrhausen was intent on leading.

During his investigation, Pohlmann was able to solve the mystery of who killed Herrhausen, which in turn led to the question WHY he was killed. Answering this second most important question arose after Dirk discovered the killers (who had their own motives) were under surveillance, which means it was probably a case of “let it happen on purpose”.

Identifying False Post-WWII Narratives

Speaker Bio: For most of my professional life I worked as a teacher of German language, literature and history. For a couple of years I volunteered in various countries and capacities for the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. Ever since I was a student all my activities were devoted to PEACE, Democracy and Justice. I did ample research into the forging of the enemy image, studying the Moslem world as well as the former Soviet Union. I am responsible for the Website of the Arbeitskreis for Peace Policy and Nuclear Free Europe and offspring of the Peace Movement of the 80s. My articles were published in alternative publications like Neue Rheinische Zeitung online, and last not least I am a Yoga teacher.

Propaganda and the Social Relocation of Death

Speaker Bio: Ed Curtin is a writer, historian and professor at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. His whose works can be found on In recent weeks, he has authored a recent groundbreaking historical article shedding light into the life and murder of John F Kennedy: President John F Kennedy: His Life and Public Assassination

Who Benefits from Africa’s Poverty? How the Oligarchy has kept a Continent Underdeveloped Since the 1970s.

Speaker Bio: PD Lawton, a South African journalist, activist and historian based in the UK. PD is the editor-in-chief of African Agenda (


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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Great series – I just completed by catching up on PD Lawton’s talk – the best in the series in my opinion – Ed Curtin a close second.

    PD mentions Robbie Barwick in passing as a better alternative as a financial advisor to the African Union. I could not agree more.

    Robbie is a key figure of the Australian Citizens Party. Here he is talking to Jerry Grey on China and Xinjiang.
    • CITIZENS INSIGHT – Is China committing genocide against Uyghur Muslims? Interview with Jerry Grey
    (see more at that channel)

    And here is Robbie with Daniel Dumbrill on the same topic.

    • Australian Warmongering, Rex Patrick, ASPI & Xinjiang – A Discussion with Robbie Barwick
    Part 1
    Part 2

    King Leopold II and the Congo Free state:

    I learnt so much from that (PD Lawton’s) video, and with reference to Jacob Zuma it reinforced that when certain characters are vilified by the ‘mainstream media’, quite the opposite is usually true. I recently listened to a podcast by Matthew Raphael Johnson who painted a much more favourable picture of King Leopold II of the Congo Free State. Any trusted sources for information on this topic would be appreciated.

    My comments on the youtube links seem to be consistently removed (I try and be supportive with perhaps the occasional point of order) but I appreciate the series and RTF nevertheless.

    If you don’t release my comment, that’s cool. Hope you appreciate the feedback.

    1. ibykus20 says:

      Hi Julius,

      Your comments on the Rising Tide youtube page are not appearing? That is very strange since we are most certainly not removing your comments. Next time it happens just let us know for which video and we will try to figure out what is going on.

      Thanks Julius, your comments are always supportive as you say and we appreciate your additional thoughts on our content.

      Happy New Year!


  2. Thank you Cynthia – I had shared a link on PD Lawton’s talk to MLK Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech which includes the reference to the “tranquilizing drug of gradualism”. On a separate comment I posted the Robbie Barwick links above.

    My theory is that YouTube’s censorship algorithms take a very dim view of any links to third party sites, and especially to any themes which are counternarrative – in this case Sinophilic (heavenly mandate forbid!). Your own talk with Jeff J Brown was memorable and I have downloaded and shared it.

    As a ‘late starter’, I find 90+% of your material new and thrilling and 5+% completely resonant, while a few points challenge my sense of cognitive dissonance.

    It will be a while before I can even peruse all that you have written, and I appreciate the reading and research that must have gone into being able to condense and articulate what you have done.

    Keep up the great work. Wishing you and Matthew a wonderful and enlightening new year.

  3. Hello Mathew and Cynthia. Several of these videos and others you have produced prompted me to revisit a couple going back to WWI (context is everything)

    Here is Jeff J Brown hosting David Pear primarily discussing the book “Hidden History: The Secret Origins Of The First World War” by Gerry Docherty & Jim Macgregor (2013), but drawing the parallels between the anti-German propaganda over a hundred years ago and the anti-Russia / anti-China propaganda of today.

    • Jeff J Brown with David Pear On Who And Why WWI Was Started, Then Prolonged. MSM And Your Textbooks Are All Lies.

    And another on the same topic …

    • Hidden History: The Secret Origins Of The First World War by Gerry Docherty & Jim Macgregor (2013)

    The latter credits and introduces us to the three part series by James Corbett titled “The WWI Conspiracy”.

    A key supplementary resource I have found is

    • “Falsehood in War-Time” (1928) – Arthur Ponsonby

  4. … And speaking of babies on bayonets (by inference) …

    The story of the Bryce Report is akin to the modern day obscenity “I saw the Iraqi soldiers pull the newborn babies out of the incubators and throw them on the ground” uttered by Narita Al Sabah (‘Nayirah’), the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States, Saud Nasser Al-Saud Al-Sabah. It made the public actually WANT to go and attack Iraq – the matter of 500, 000 dead Iraqi children boastfully celebrated by Madeleine Albright then just became a mere matter of collateral damage that “was worth it”.

    The Bryce report was one of the official narratives that brainwashed people into accepting and even emotionally desiring war based on the infamous “babies on bayonets” travesty (and much, much more).

    Such stories are created by think tanks to create war or promote global genocide – and then often promoted by willing celebrities.

    A copy of the Bryce Report: Report of the Committee on Alleged German Outrages (1914-15) can be found here.

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