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Clash of the Two Americas Mini Doc Part 3: How a World of Sovereign Republics was Subverted

Many paradoxes are littered about the contours of history, and many false narratives have been placed between the mind of truth seekers and the basic elementary facts of historical causality which would provide the greatest insight not only into the reasons for our current crises, but also creative insights into solutions for the future.

Several major questions addressed in this third of a series of Unfinished Symphony historical videos are:

Why was the success of the American Revolution not replicated across the world after 1783 despite the fact that leading republican revolutionaries from France, Prussia, Italy, Germany, Poland, Ireland and even India worked tirelessly to ensure both the success of 1776 within the 13 colonies as well as in their home countries?

Why did the new age of reason and win-win cooperation fail to manifest in the late 18th century while the archaic system of Hobbesian unipolarism and hereditary institutions kept its claws firmly into its human host.

How did the beautiful potential of the French Revolution turn into a bloodbath of Jacobin terror, and tyranny leading to the murder of Benjamin Franklin’s key allies in France?

This new video titled “How a World of Sovereign Republics was Subverted” is based on the new audiobook of Clash of the Two Americas vol 1 (the Unfinished Symphony) written by Matthew Ehret and Cynthia Chung, narrated by Hugh Patrick Trudeau and produced by Jason Dahl. It answers the above questions and much more.

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