Alexander Hamilton

Writings by Hamilton

The Farmer Refuted (1775)

First Report on Public Credit (1790)

Report on a National Bank (aka: 2nd Report On Public Credit) (1790)

Report on the Subject of Manufactures (1791)

On the Constitutionality of a National Bank (1791)

The Federalist Papers no 1 – no 85

Supplementary Material

A Matter of Principle: Alexander Hamilton’s Economics Created our Constitution by Nancy Spannaus (EIR, 2010)

In Defense of American Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton by Lyndon LaRouche (EIR, 1987)

How Andrew Jackson Destroyed the United States by Michael Kirsch (EIR, 2012)

The American Credit System 1650-1796 – Class by Michael Kirsch 2011

The Third National Bank of the U.S.A (Lpac mini documentary)