As Above, So Below: Re-Uniting the Macroverse with the Microverse

Although western civilization currently enjoys some of the highest rates of education ever seen in history, it appears that the rates of insolvable problems in the political, economic, military and even scientific spheres have multiplied far faster. If education and science are meant to empower each generation to problem solve, and make ever-more refined discoveries into nature, then why are we plagued by a drought of creative thought in our present era? To answer such questions as: Why are we plagued by elementary problems like the ongoing crisis of famine, poverty, financial collapse and war in the social domain, we must also ask why has society not made any paradigm shifting breakthroughs for over half a century? Those discoveries which we are told have been made (like the 2012 discovery of the Higgs-Boson “God” Particle, have empowered us to change… well absolutely nothing.

These questions will be addressed over the course of nine weeks, as the Rising Tide Foundation hosts a series of lectures on the topic of science under the theme of As Above So Below. This series will revisit the ancient Pythagorean traditions embodied in such works as Plato’s Timeaus, which drove various renaissance movements across the ages and cultures- both in Andalusian Spain, Persia, as well as in the western cultural matrix with the works of Nicholas of Cusa, Johannes Kepler, Leibniz and many others. We will investigate what potent scientific traditions and thinkers have been suppressed and why? And finally we will explore the fruitful importance of recognizing the unifying character of the universe- either in the scales of the immeasurably large, immeasurably small and always with a sense that such “heretical” ideas as intention, design, principle, harmony and goodness have a causal role to play in the realm of science.

Finally, by participating in this lecture series, you will be empowered to answer these questions: Why and how did the inner “subjective” universe of mankind become torn from the outer “objective” universe? Why do we assume one set of pre-deterministic rules shape the macroverse of planetary and galactic motion, while a completely different set of rules govern the chaotic, random world of atomic activity? What do such things as life, mind and purpose play in a true science and what are the political/economic manifestations of their causal existence?

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Symposium outline

January 31, 2021: Leibniz vs Newton- A Clash of Paradigms
Lecturer: Cynthia Chung
Bio: Cynthia is Editor and Co-Founder of the Rising Tide Foundation and is a writer for the Strategic Culture Foundation. She is a classically trained pianist with experience leading choral works and holds a BSC in Molecular Genetics.

February 7, 2021: Atomic Physics and Macrophysics: How Breakthroughs in the Atom affords us Freedom to Explore Space
Lecturer: Cuautemoc Reale-Hernandez
Bio: Cuautemoc is a nuclear engineer working on a lead-cooled Small Modular Reactor that is intended to be deployed in the Canadian Arctic. He is currently pursuing his PhD at McMaster University and holds a Bachelors in Engineering Physics at the Ecole Polytechnique

February 21, 2021: Vernadsky’s Revolution in Life Science and Directionality of the Universe
Lecturer: Sam Labrier
Bio: Sam has a degree in History from Concordia University and obtained his engineering degree from Ryerson University in Toronto. He has worked in the fields of nuclear engineering, electrical power engineering, and optical biophysics.

February 28, 2021: The Stupidity of Artificial Intelligence
Lecturer: Dr. Jonathan Tennenbaum
Bio: Jonathan has Ph.D in mathematics and works as a researcher and consultant on economics, science and technology. He has written extensively on fundamental problems in the natural sciences, and most recently authored a provocative series of articles on artificial intelligence for Asia Times. He is also a classical pianist and lecturer.

March 14, 2021: The Importance of Hapgood’s Map of the Ancient Sea Kings and Why the Study of Ancient History Must be Reformed
Lecturer: Stephen Doyle
Bio: Stephen is a retired 3rd generation Royal Canadian Airforce officer with an expertise in celestial navigation, and anti-submarine warfare.

March 21, 2021: Halton Arp’s Peculiar Galaxies
Lecturer: Matthew Ehret
Bio: Matthew is a co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation, Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Patriot Review and Senior Fellow of the American University in Moscow. He is a BRI Expert on Tactical Talk and a writer for the Strategic Culture Foundation.

April 25, 2021 at 4pm EST: The Cosmology of the Electric Universe
Lecturer: Dr. Michael Clarage
Bio: Dr Michael Clarage received his PhD in physics from Brandeis University in 1992, studying the biological and statistical behavior of proteins. Prior to that, he spent several years studying binary pulsars at the Arecibo radio telescope. He has given traveling lectures in the areas of fractional calculus, fractals, and chaotic systems as well as presented public talks on such topics as relativity and dimensions, transformation in supernova and metamorphosis in biology. Dr. Clarage is currently a scientist with the SAFIRE Project.


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