Breaking Dark Ages and the Causes of Renaissances

Lecture Title: In Defence of King Arthur
Date: Oct. 22 at 2pm ET
Speaker: Gerald Therrien
Lecture Description: Who was the real King Arthur and what did this man do to shape the course of world history during the early years of Rome’s collapse? In his class, Gerry will tell the real heroic story of Arthur, with none of the romantic chivalric nonsense that has been added to obscure the real story. There’s no lovey-dovey affairs of Guinevere, there’s no ‘carpet’ knights sitting around some round table (or chasing after windmills), there’s no absurd search for the holy grail, and there’s no mystical wizards. Unfortunately, all of this ‘added’ romantic nonsense has been used to distort the real importance of King Arthur in freeing Britain from the Roman Empire.
Speaker bio: Gerald Therrien is a historian and author of a four volume series on Canadian History titled Canadian History Unveiled and has lectured on topics ranging from poetry, ancient Athenian culture, the renaissance and the Haitian Revolution. Gerry’s books and history dossier can be found here. Subscribe to Gerry’s Substack here.

Lecture Title: WHAT is Sovereignty & HOW to achieve it ? WHO is Sovereign & WHY ? (Chinese renaissance dynamics from the Zhou dynasty to Modern Times
Date: Oct 29 at 2pm ET
Speaker: Dr. Quan Le
Lecture Description: There will be a focus on the ideas created & some events having occurred during the Zhou dynasty (1046 to 256 BCE), the Han dynasty (206 BCE to 220 CE), the Tang dynasty (618-907), the Song dynasty (960-1279), the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) and ending with a famous line by Deng Xiaoping (1904-1997) synthesizing all those ideas with simple words. And what is even more vital : ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. I want to add a word about the people having their 3 layers of existential energies : INTEGRATED PEOPLE. The word “integrated” is from the Latin expression “in tangere” meaning WHOLE.
Speaker Bio: Dr. Le is a practicing psychiatrist and geopolitical analyst with a focus on Asian history, culture and world religions. He is an Advisor to the Rising Tide Foundation and his previous lectures can be found here.

Lecture Title: Dark Ages: What Are They and Are We Headed for One?
Date: Nov 5 at 2pm ET
Speaker: Adam Sedia
Lecture Description: “Dark Age” is a term bandied about shamelessly in discourse, but in its strictest sense a dark age occurs when a society completely loses literacy. This presentation will explore three dark ages: the Greek Dark Ages after the fall of Mycenean society (11th-8th centuries BC); the Nubian “X-Group” after the fall of the Kushite Empire (4th-6th centuries AD); and “Sub-Roman” Britain after Rome’s withdrawal (5th-6th centuries AD). In each case, we will examine what caused the loss of literacy, how literacy returned, and lessons we can learn for today.
Speaker Bio: Adam Sedia is a poet, essayist, translator, and classical composer. He has published three volumes of poetry Visions BeyondInquietude and The Spring’s Autumn, and his poems and essays have appeared in publications including The Chained Muse, The Society of Classical Poets’ journal, and Indiana Voice Journal. His music can be heard on his YouTube channel. He lives in his native Northwest Indiana with his wife and children, where he practices law as a civil and appellate litigator.

Lecture Title: The Cathedral Movement: Bringing Light to the Dark Age
Date: Nov 12 at 2pm ET
Speaker: Pascal Chevrier
Speaker Bio: Pascal is a teacher who has worked in Canada’s Arctic. He has lectured on topics ranging from cultural warfare, literature and history.

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