Friedrich List (1789-1846)

The National System of Political Economy (1841)

Outlines of the American System of Political Economy (1827)

Life of Friedrich List and Selections of his Writings

Supplementary Material

Friedrich List’s Heart, Wit and Will: Mental Capital as the Productive Force of Progress (A dissertation presented by Arno Mong Daastøl )

Friedrich List and the American System of Political Economy by Michael Liebig (EIR 1999)

The Legacy of Friedrich List: The American System’s Battle Against British Free Trade (EIR 2008)

China Needs Protectionism and the ideas of Friedrich List by Jonathon Tennenbaum (EIR 2000)

Friedrich List’s collaboration with republican circles in France by Laurent Murawiec (EIR 1989)

The Real Economics of the American System (EIR 1998)

Book Review: What Economic Path for China by Bill Jones

LIST VS. VON HAYEK Free-Trade Monetarism Is the Road to Serfdom by Andrea Andromidas (EIR Dec. 2013)

List and Ireland: What is Sinn Fein? The American vs British Systems in Ireland by Paul Gallagher (American Almanac January 1995)