Friedrich Schiller


Don Carlos: A Tragedy

Wilhelm Tell

The Maid of Orleans

The Ghost-Seer

The Robbers

The Wallenstein Trilogy

The Bride of Messina: A Tragedy

Mary Stuart

Intrigue and Love

Fiesco (Or the Genoese Conspiracy)

Aesthetical and Philosophical Writings

Kallias, or on the Beautiful

Of the Sublime ~ Toward the Further Elaboration of Some Kantian Ideas

On the Sublime

Love, Virtue, Friendship

On Epic and Dramatic Poetry

Aesthetical Letters on the Education of Man (1794)

The Philosophy of Physiology (1779) excerpts

On the Tragic Art

Of the Cause of the Pleasure We Derive from Tragic Objects

The Stage as a Moral Institution

History Studies and Lectures

History of the Revolt of the Netherlands

History of the Thirty Years War in Germany

What is and to What Purpose do We Study Universal History?

The Mission of Moses

The Jesuit Government in Paraguay

On the Legislation of Lycurgus’ Sparta and Solon’s Athens

Supplementary Material

An Introduction to Friedrich Schiller: Theater Considered as a Moral Institution by Cynthia Chung

Class- Friedrich Schiller: The Sublime as the Basis for Human Progress by Will Wertz

To What Purpose do We Seek the Beautiful? Class by Cynthia Chung