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Heinrich Heine

XKH149505 Portrait of Heinrich Heine (1797-1856) 1831 (oil on paper on canvas) by Oppenheim, Moritz Daniel (1800-82); 43x34 cm; Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany; German, out of copyright

The Prose Writings of Heine (1887)

The Poems of Heine- Translated into English with a Sketch of his Life by Edgar Bowrin

On the History of Religion and Philosophy in Germany (1834)

A Trip to the Brocken

Heine’s Memoires – Edited by Gustav Karpales

Some select poems

Young Tom-Cat Club for Poetry-Music
Electoral Asses
The Angel 

Supplementary Material

Life of Heinrich Heine by William Sharp (1889)

The July Revolution and Heinrich Heine

Heinrich Heine and the Politics of Romanticism by Daniel Platt (Schiller Institute 2014)

Ill With Romanticism? Consult Dr. Heine!

The Family Life of Heine – Illustrated with Unpublished Letters

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