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Homer Watson

Homer Watson (1855-1936) stands as one of the most influential landscape artists of Canada. Having almost no formal training, Watson blossomed through his exposure to the Hudson River school painting tradition while he studied art in New York for two years. It was there that he met Hudson River painter George Innes which shaped his early years. By the mid-1870s, he also befriended Lucius O’Brien who assisted his career greatly. The last 40 years of Watson’s life featured a deconstructive leap into impressionism.

Un-named landscape
Down in the Laurentides 1882
Old Mill and Stream 1879
A Coming Storm in the Adirondacks, 1879
Landscape in Scotland 1888
Last Day of the Drought 1880
On the Mohawk River 1878
On the River at Doon 1885
Sunlit Village 1884
susquehanna valley 1877
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