Invitation: Physical bases of the earthquake forecasting and multiparameter approach for its implementation [May 28 at 12 pm Eastern Time]

This Sunday May 28 at noon Eastern Time, I am proud to announce that the renowned scientist Dr. Sergey Pulinets will be delivering the Rising Tide Foundation lecture on the topic of a earthquake forecasting, with a look to the various array of precursors, chemical, electromagnetic, radioactive and possibly more that must be held in mind when forecasting likely future earthquakes. Previous lectures within our Science Unshackled Symposium can be found here.

Featured below is Dr. Pulinets’ biography followed by the zoom link to the live event

Bio: Sergey Alexander Pulinets, Russian physicist, researcher. Achievements include design of High Frequency wideband wave complex for ARAKS experiment; development of High Frequency wave spectroscopy of the ionosphere; development of model of the electron concentration distribution in the ionosphere; discovery of ionospheric precursors of earthquakes; first to lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere cxoupling model. Dr Pulinets has served as chief laboratory Izmiran, Russian Academy of Sciences, Troitsk, Russia, 1987—2004, chief ionospheric department Russia, 1995—2002, deputy director division Russia, 1993—1998, director division Russia, 1998—1999, deputy director Russia, 1999—2002, principal scientist Troits, Russia, since 2005. Senior researcher Institute Geophysics, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City, 2002—2007.

CLICK BELOW to access the live zoom event at noon Eastern Time (May 28):