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Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler Kopie eines verlorengegangenen Originals von 1610

Mysterium Cosmographicum (1596- republished in 1624)

Optics (1603)

New Astronomy (1609)

On the 6 Sided Snowflake (1609)

Harmony of the World (1619) book 1-2

Harmony of the World (1619) book 3

Harmony of the World (1619) book 4

Harmony of the World (1619) book 5

An engraving depicting Kepler discussing his findings with Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II.

Supplementary Material

Kepler’s Biography by Max Caspar

The Pythagorean Revival Needed to Overthrow Today’s Standard Model Priesthood

An Multimedia Teachers’ Guide to Harmony of the World

A Multimedia Teachers’ Guide to Kepler’s New Astronomy

A Grand Design: Kepler and Renaissance Science in China by Michael Billington (21st Century Science and Technology 1996)

Cusa to Kepler: The Importance of Knowing Universals (Rising Tide Lecture series 2015)

An Introduction to Kepler’s Musical Astronomy: What does the Harmonic Mean?

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