John Quincy Adams


July 4 1821: Speech to the U.S. House of Representatives on Foreign Policy

March 4, 1825: Inaugural Address

December 6, 1825: Message Regarding the Congress of American Nations

December 6, 1825: First Annual Message

December 5, 1826: Second Annual Address

December 4, 1827: Third Annual Message

December 2, 1828: Fourth Annual Message

February 24, 1841: Argument before the Supreme Court in the Case of United States v. Cinque (The Amistad Case)

Supplementary Material

How John Quincy Adams Created the United States as a Continental Republic by Pat Ruckert

John Quincy Adams and Universal America by Anton Chaitkin, EIR, 1998

Shift to the Pacific: The Historic Mission of the United States by Nancy Spannaus, EIR, 2009