Lucius O’Brien

Lucius O’Brien (1832-1899) was a vice president of the Ontario Society of artists and was renowned for his watercolour and oil paintings of the frontier. O’Brien’s connection to the Hudson River school came not through Duncanson, but rather through his association with Albert Bierstadt who he befriended in the 1870s. His talents for capturing the grandeur of Canada’s landscapes was put to great work during his several tours on the Canadian Pacific Railway on the invitation of CPR President William van Horne. Like many of his talented contemporaries, O’Brien’s later works became infested with luminism movement and romanticism losing its pioneering potency.

Sunrise on the Saguenay 1880
Grand Falls St John NB
Harvest Glow
Landscape on the edge of rockies
Northern Head of Grand Manan 1879
Through the Rockie Mountain Railway 1887
On the Cariboo Road 1888
Portage on the Rockies
The Rockies
Stormy Sea