Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464)

De Docta Ignorantia Book 1

De Docta Ignorantia Book 2

De Docta Ignorantia Book 3

On Wisdom and Knowledge

On Seeking God

De Pace Fidei (on the Peace of the Faiths)

On Being a Son of God

De Beryllo (Metaphysical Speculations)

On Conjectures

On the Not-Other

On the Beginning

On Equality

On the Genesis of All Things

The Pursuit of Wisdom

The Gift of the Father of Lights

The Layman on Wisdom

On the Hidden God

On Experiments

On Actualized Possibility

The Bowling Game

Cusa’s debate with John Wenck

In Defense of Learned Ignorance (a continued debate with John Wenck)

Supplementary Research on Nicholas of Cusa by Will Wertz

Columbus’ First Belt and Road Inspired by Cusa by Will Wertz (published in EIR Oct. 6 2017)

Nicholas of Cusa on the Quadrature of the Circle (Published on Schiller Institute in 2001)

2016 class on Cusa by Lpac scholar and historian Will Wertz
Will Wertz on Cusa and Greek Science (1994) Part one