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Paul Peel

Though less Promethean than its Hudson River School counterpart, is the Thomas Eakins school of Philadelphia which influenced a network of Canadian artists who strove to communicate narratives, insights and anecdotes moral and quaint which all transcended the literal imagery on the canvas, presaging the sort of spirit exhibited later by American painter Norman Rockwell.

Paul Peel (1860-1893) was one of several Canadian students of Thomas Eakins who produced an enormous body of work during his short time, and played a major role in shaping Canadian Aesthetics. He was being the first Canadian painters to earn international recognition during his lifetime.

The Young Botanist
The Painter
Adoration 1885
Bubble boy
The Young Biologist 1891
The Meadow Lark
self portrait
Helping mother
Mother’s Love 1888
Devotion 1881
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