Percy Bysshe Shelley


To the Moon [fragment]Percy Bysshe Shelley1823
Adonais, 49-52, [Go thou to Rome]Percy Bysshe Shelley1820
On the Medusa of Leonardo Da Vinci in the Florentine GalleryPercy Bysshe Shelley1818
The Mask of Anarchy Percy Bysshe Shelley1831
Stanzas Written in Dejection, Near NaplesPercy Bysshe Shelley1823
To NightPercy Bysshe Shelley1820
Lines: ‘When the Lamp is Shattered’Percy Bysshe Shelley1823
MutabilityPercy Bysshe Shelley1815
England in 1819Percy Bysshe Shelley1838
The Call of the OpenPercy Bysshe Shelley1823
An ExhortationPercy Bysshe Shelley2013
To the Moon [fragment]Percy Bysshe Shelley2016
Fragment: QuestionsPercy Bysshe Shelley2017
The World’s WanderersPercy Bysshe Shelley1823
Mont BlancPercy Bysshe Shelley1815
OzymandiasPercy Bysshe Shelley1817
Ode to the West WindPercy Bysshe Shelley1819
Love’s PhilosophyPercy Bysshe Shelley1818
To a SkylarkPercy Bysshe Shelley1819

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Percy Bysshe Shelley and the Motivführung Principle in English Poetry by Daniel Leach