RTF Invitation: Energy Competence, Humanity and the Fallacy of Linear No Threshold Hypothesis (April 30 at 2pm ET)

This Sunday April 30 at 2pm Eastern Time, structural engineer, podcast host and geopolitical analyst Hügo Kruger will deliver a presentation on the principles of energy science 101, and will debunk the pervasive myth of the “Linear No Threshold Hypothesis” that has been used to promote an irrational fear in radiation for over 5 decades. This lecture is part of the larger 9 week symposium ‘Science Unshackled’ which can be viewed here.

Bio: Hügo is a writer, Podcast and Structural Engineers (specializing on nuclear structures). Writing on Geopolitics, contemporary politics, climate science and energy related matters. Subscribe to Hügo’s Substack at hkrugertjie.substack.com

Click below to access the live presentation:


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