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RTF Lecture Invitation featuring Anton Chaitkin: Lincoln, China and Railways (July 3 at 2pm ET)

This Sunday July 3 at 2pm Eastern Time, you are invited to attend a special Rising Tide Foundation Independence Day event featuring legendary historian Anton Chaitkin who will share a glimpse into his upcoming book ‘Who We Are: America’s Fight for Universal Progress’ (vol 1 is available for purchase here and his previous Independence Day RTF lecture from 2021 can be viewed here.)

Anton’s lecture will zero in on the topic of Abraham Lincoln’s profound understanding of statecraft, with a specific focus on rail development and scientific progress with a twist that will give you an incredible insight into origins of the Chinese revolution led by President Sun Yat-sen and the Belt and Road Initiative a century later.

Since more effort has been put into slandering and defacing the memory of Lincoln than any other president who has ever lived, it is worth your time to join in for this live presentation where you will be able to ask a question to Anton directly during the Q and A period.

Click on the link below to join the live event on Zoom:

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