Symposium The Role of Art in Shaping a Sovereign Citizenry (Jan 15-March 12, 2023)

It was once better understood that both politics and economics are downstream from culture. Whether the values and passions of a society are tuned to the Good, the Beautiful and the Just or whether they are tempered by the opposites of those virtues will say alot about the aesthetic practices and creative work of the artists that a society values and by which that society is in turn shaped.

In the following Rising Tide Foundation symposium extending from Jan. 15 to March 12, various expressions of art will be explored ranging from literature, poetry, painting, music and drama with a look to examples that increase the depth of our own self-awareness, and improve upon our power to unite the personal passions of each soul with the demands of reason, duty and conscience. This expression of the soul’s journey to maturity is a precondition for any viable nation state or citizenry.

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Date: Sunday January 15, 2023 (2pm Eastern Time)
Lessing’s Nathan the Wise and a Harmony of Cultures
Lecturer: Cynthia Chung
Bio: Cynthia is Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation. She has lectured on the topics of Schiller’s aesthetics, Shakespeare’s tragedies, Roman history, the Florentine Renaissance among other subjects. She is a writer for Strategic Culture Foundation, and is a contributing author to the book series “The Clash of the Two Americas.” In 2022, she authored ‘The Empire on Which the Black Sun Never Set: The Birth of International Fascism and Anglo-American Foreign Policy’

Date: Sunday January 22, 2023 (2pm Eastern Time)
‘Mending Wall’ – Robert Frost and the Good Neighbor Poetry
Lecturer: Gerald Therrien
Bio: Gerald Therrien is a historian and author of a four volume series on Canadian History entitled Canadian History Unveiled and has lectured on topics ranging from poetry, ancient Athenian culture, the renaissance and the Haitian Revolution. He is an advisor for the Rising Tide Foundation.

Date: Sunday January 29, 2023 (2pm Eastern Time)
The Secret of Thomas Cole’s Stages of Empire series
Lecturer: Matthew Ehret
Bio: Matthew is a co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation, Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Patriot Review and Senior Fellow of the American University in Moscow. He is the author of The Untold History of Canada, and Clash of the Two Americas series.

Date: Sunday February 5 (2pm Eastern Time)
From the Ode to Oranges to the Night Banquet : depictions of an aristocratic soul & a plutocratic soul
Lecturer: Dr. Quan Le
Bio: Dr. Le is a practicing psychiatrist and geopolitical analyst with a focus on Asian history, culture and world religions. He is an advisor to the Rising Tide Foundation.

Date: Sunday February 19, 2023 (2pm Eastern Time)
A New Look at Goya’s ‘Black Paintings’
Lecturer: Adam Sedia
Bio: Adam Sedia is a poet, essayist, translator, and classical composer. He has published three volumes of poetry Visions BeyondInquietude and The Spring’s Autumn, and his poems and essays have appeared in publications including The Chained Muse, The Society of Classical Poets’ journal, and Indiana Voice Journal. His music can be heard on his YouTube channel. He lives in his native Northwest Indiana with his wife and children, where he practices law as a civil and appellate litigator.

Date: Sunday February 26, 2023 (2pm Eastern Time)
Schiller’s “Four Ages of the World”
Lecturer: David B. Gosselin
Bio: David B. Gosselin is a poet, translator, and linguist based in Montreal. He is the founder of The Chained Muse poetry website, New Lyre quarterly and the founder of the New Lyre Podcast.  His new collection of poems is entitled Modern Dreams.

Date: Sunday March 5, 2023 (2pm Eastern Time)
Lecturer: Pascal Chevrier
Bio: Pascal is a teacher who has worked in Canada’s Arctic. He has lectured on topics ranging from cultural warfare, literature and history.

Date: Sunday March 12 (2pm Eastern Time)
Lecturer: Declan Kennedy
Shakespeare’s Comedies and a Well Ordered Society
Bio: Declan is a student, researcher and member of the Rising Tide Foundation community. He regularly publishes on the Substack ‘Where is John Fisher’ found here.

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