Uncovering the Lost Secrets of Weber’s Electrodynamics (invitation to RTF Lecture Sunday Aug 6)

Everyone knows that a revolution in physics occured with Max Planck’s insights into the quantum world over a century ago.

But did you know that 50 years before Planck’s revolutionary insights into the quantum of action, the great German scientist Wilhelm Weber, working with a network of great renaissance scientists like Carl F. Gauss, Bernard Riemann discovered the essential character of the quantum domain through studies into electromagnetism? Moreover, this network of German scientists were using a method of thinking that runs directly contrary to the school of British empiricism and positivism that is celebrated so widely in today’s confused age despite the fact that this British empiricist school’s contribution to science pales in comparison to the breakthroughs by the Gauss-Weber tradition (sometimes called ‘continental science’)

The figure of Wilhelm Weber is one of the most important minds of the past several centuries whose work, method and discoveries have remained obscured and under-appreciated despite their world-altering implications.

On Sunday August 6th at 2pm Eastern Time, the Rising Tide Foundation is proud to host professor Andre Assis (Professor of physics at the University of Campinas in Brazil) who is the world’s leading authority on Weber’s electrodynamics.

In this lecture, Prof. Assis will discuss Ampere’s force between current elements and Weber’s electrodynamics. He has been working on these topics, together with Relational Mechanics and the implementation of Mach’s principle for 35 years.

Click on the link below to access the live event: