Victor Hugo (1882-1885)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The History of a Crime: The Testimony of an Eye-Witness, trans. by T. H. Joyce and Arthur Locker (Gutenberg text)

Great Sea Stories (New York: Brentano’s, c1921), ed. by Joseph Lewis French

By Order of the King: A Romance of English History (based on the P. F. Collier and Son edition) (HTML at

The Bishop’s Candlesticks: A Play in One Act (London and New York: S. French, c1908), by Norman McKinnel (multiple formats at

The Last Day of a Condemned (Philadelphia: The Rittenhouse Press, 1894)

Les Miserables (dramatic adaptation of the novel),

Letters on American Slavery (Boston: American Anti-Slavery Society, 1860), also contrib. by Alexis de Tocqueville,

The Man Who Laughs: A Romance of English History (Gutenberg text)

The Memoirs of Victor Hugo (Gutenberg text)

The Toilers of the Sea (based on the 1860s Harpers translation) (HTML at

Poems (Gutenberg text)