Vladimir Vernadsky

The Evolution of Species and Living Matter (1928)

States of Physical Space (1938)

Transition from the Biosphere to the Noosphere (1938)

Scientific Thought as a Planetary Phenomenon (1938)

On Human Autotrophy (1925)

Fundamental Problems of Biogeochemistry part one (1938)

Fundamental Problems of Biogeochemistry part two (1938)

Some Words About the Noosphere (1943)

Supplementary Material

Vernadsky and Dirichelet’s Principle by Lyndon LaRouche (2005)

Life Within the Noosphere: What is the Human Mind? By Lyndon LaRouche (2008)

A Vernadskian Law of Evolution (Lpac video)

The Universe is Creative (2011 lecture by Sky Shields on the Cosmological implications of Vernadsky’s discoveries and their evolution)

Celebrating Vernadsky’s 150th Anniversary (21st Century Science and Technology Magazine- Spring 2013)

Vernadsky: The Biosphere and Noosphere by Jason Ross (Schiller Institute Class Feb. 2019)