A Review of Dr. Michael Clarage’s ‘The Electrical Shaping of Biology’

It has become commonplace within the world of reductionist biology to presume that all ponderable qualities of living matter (including the morphology, cell development, and purpose of both cells and individual members of species), are shaped entirely by DNA. If this were true, then it must be assumed that all the information contained in the outcome of every cell’s development were pre-determined from before birth leaving little room for freedom within the universe.

A problem now emerges. When we consider the incredible interconnection and intercommunication which must exist between cells of an organism during its development then how do the under-defined stem cells of an embryo know when to “become” heart cells instead of brain cells, or stomach cells? Once formed, then how does that intercommunication of cells within an organ and between organs within a body continue throughout that organism’s life?

In this incredible two-part video series, Dr. Michael Clarage (lead scientist of the Safire Project) not only addresses the problems caused by the assumption that DNA is a fundamental driving force of life, form and function, but demonstrates concrete case studies in nature where such theories completely break down… both in living organisms as well as in crystallography and snowflake formation.

Among case studies taken from the biological domain, Dr. Clarage explores the work of the Michael Levin laboratory at Tufts University in Boston which carried out experiments that involved modifying the electrical characteristics of cellular biology in embryos. Without doing anything to the underlying DNA of a variety of species, the Levin lab rigorously demonstrated that modifying electrical polarizations within cells can fundamentally distort the development of living organisms to the point that entirely new species could be created, even capable of self-reproduction.

Dr. Clarage challenges the viewer to ponder what other forces and principles are in play during the formation of both new species and individual organisms which have more to do with electromagnetic properties than with DNA alone.

If electrical characteristics of life are vastly more important (though perhaps not specifically causal) than commonly believed, then the questions emerges: What higher astrophysical causes shape this process? How is this affected by the earth’s oscillating electrical/magnetic fields? How are those oscillating fields affected by the larger environment of the solar system’s electro-magnetic fields? How are those in turn shaped by the broader electromagnetic properties of the galaxy, or super-cluster of galaxies which the Milky Way is but a part?

These questions and more are posed in Dr. Clarage’s videos below:

An earlier presentation by Dr. Clarage to the Rising Tide Foundation can be viewed here.


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