Classics & Classics : The Three Kingdoms… Tempus, Kairos & Chronos

In this presentation delivered by the Rising Tide Foundation’s resident China expert Dr. Quan Le, the heart and soul of Chinese civilization is explored through the portal of the great Confucian classics and the deeper moral, philosophical and even geopolitical lessons contained in the 14th century historical novel by Luo Guanzhong titled ‘The Romance of the Three Kingdoms’.

Also read Quan’s latest essay on the Quantum Leap of the Soul’s Journey Across Chinese, Greek and Indian Cultures


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  1. Thank you RTF team – I watched this the other day on Y/tube and was thoroughly enthralled. Downloaded and shared. In my enthusiasm I left a couple of comments but they were removed (?I assume by Y/tube because of a few links). I don’t mind if these don’t pass moderation but offer them here in case they simply vanished down the Y/tube dispenser, and hope they are of interest to your other readers.

    What a fascinating lecture and wonderful messages. This has given me a much greater depth of understanding and appreciation of this period.

    I understand that Xi Jinping has read the entire Twenty Four Histories – 3213 volumes, 40 million words

    An anecdote:

    Thomas Carlyle writes in 1840:

    “By far the most interesting fact I hear about the Chinese is one on which we cannot arrive at clearness, but which excites endless curiosity even in the dim state: this namely, that they do attempt to make their Men of Letters their Governors! […] There does seem to be, all over China, a more or less active search everywhere to discover the men of talent that grow up in the young generation. […] The youths who distinguish themselves in the lower school are promoted into favorable stations in the higher, that they may still more distinguish themselves,–forward and forward: it appears to be out of these that the Official Persons, and incipient Governors, are taken.”

    … Thomas Carlyle in “Heroes and Hero Worship – all 6 Lectures” – Chapter 5 “Hero as Man of Letters” (1840)

    Who would have thought that in 1841(!) Thomas Carlyle was virtually pre-empting the script of the rise to power of President Xi Jinping?

    • Xi Jinping: Scholar in a cave

    Can I also recommend in passing the lecture series by Professor Kenneth J. Hammond

    • Great Courses – “From Yao to Mao – 5000 Years of Chinese History” – Kenneth J. Hammond

    • China’s Excellent, Very Good Year – Godfree Roberts

    • Promoted by Jeff J Brown on his youtube/link to China Rising

    • Myths & Facts about genocide: What’s happening in Xinjiang, China
    – featuring Daniel Dumbrill and Professor Kenneth J Hammond (author of that Great Courses series “From Yao to Mao – 5000 Years of Chinese History”)

    At 14:32 Daniel Dumbrill:
    “the same approach that I did and I think we should all do on any topic – actively seek out evidence to prove your own position wrong – don’t continually seek to prove your own bias correct, look for red flags and ask yourself critical questions”

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