Africa’s Emerging Renaissance: The New Silk Road and Beyond

In this RTF lecture, African affairs expert Lawrence Freeman delivers a comprehensive analysis of Africa’s current struggle to break free of the chains of imperialism and leap into the 21st century.

Speaker Bio: Lawrence Freeman is a political-economic analyst for Africa with thirty years of experience on the continent. He is a physical economist who promotes real economic growth with an emphasis on hard infrastructure, particularly rail transportation and electricity.
Mr. Freeman believes that economic development is a fundamental human right and is a strong defender of national sovereignty for African nations.
Mr. Freeman has been involved in economic development policy for Ethiopia, Sudan, Mali, Chad, Nigeria, Central Africa Republic, and Côte d’Ivoire. He is an advocate for the Transaqua water project to save Lake Chad, and the AU’s African Integrated High-Speed Rail Network (AIHSN).
Mr Freeman is currently engaged in developing an African Infrastructure Development Plan, modeled on Alexander Hamilton’s National Bank for the United States. He teaches courses on African history in the Maryland area, and has written hundreds of articles on Africa, which are published on his website:
Mr. Freeman has appeared numerous times on Ethiopian television, CGTN, Russia Today and Press TV. He served on the scientific advisory committee of the Lake Chad Basin Commission, and the advisory council of General William “Kip” Ward’s ARICOM

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