Quantum Mechanics De-Mystified: Uncovering the Sub-Quantum World [Jonathan Tennenbaum RTF lecture]

Is the quantum world truly driven by a-causal randomness beyond the scope of intelligibility as commonly taught? Or is this atomic realm coherent with the intelligible laws of the macroverse and the human mind?

In this Rising Tide Foundation lecture, Dr. Jonathan Tennenbaum introduces a potent tradition of research that rests upon the fruitful, though much obscured ideas of Max Planck, Louis de Broglie and other great scientists whose advances in the quantum domain were not only revolutionary in their technical and theoretical effects but which are in total harmony with a universe of Beauty and Creative Reason. As important as this tradition is, the fact is that it has been systematically undermined by the dominant standard theory model which has its roots in the dogmatic world of the Copenhagen School led by Niels Bohr, Heisenberg, Paoli and other probabilistic theorists of today.

Bio: Jonathan has Ph.D in mathematics and works as a researcher and consultant on economics, science and technology. He has written extensively on fundamental problems in the natural sciences, and most recently authored a provocative series of articles on artificial intelligence for Asia Times. He is also a classical pianist and lecturer. Jonathan Tennenbaum’s previous RTF lecture on “The Stupidity of Artificial Intelligence” can be viewed here


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Pejj Nunes says:

    I am delighted to find you! This interests me a great deal! Thank you! Lookinf forward to more!

  2. Stunning presentation and discussion – much appreciated

  3. bonbon says:

    Some maths-physicicsts have applied Einstein’s classical General Relativity to these quantum problems in the lase few years.
    Following strict General Relativity, the method of Russian master relativist Zelmanov (originally named the Monad Orthometric, then later Chronometric Invariants), they have produced these results :

    1 – a precise explanation for the non-linear cosmic Redshift, now a major issue with the new James Webb Telescope data. And a quantitive prediction of a maximum Redshift possible. No dark matter, dark energy nor Big Bang needed!
    2 – an explanation of the Russian physicist Shnoll’s Macroscopic Fluctuations – very close to the lecture theme.
    3 – the first non-quantum teleportation explanation based on General Relativity.
    Papers by only Rabounski D., Borissova L. (other authors there have a different POV) here (the most difficult tensor calculus I have ever seen, with clear layman results):

    At Asia Times (usually NATO-alligned), Dr. Tennenbaum’s articles on Fusion, as well as AI are mighty good!

  4. bonbon says:

    Wow this is moving very fast – just in, a paper on
    Zitterbewegung and the Non-Holonomity of Pseudo-Riemannian Spacetime
    a sub-quantum phenomenon at that same link above.

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