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Why read about a great thinker on Wikipedia when you can skip the middle man and go straight to the source?

It was once clearly understood that reading the original writings of a great mind is infinitely more powerful than simply reading an “expert’s opinion” about that mind. Developing this habit may not seem very important at first glance, but the intellectual laziness of seeking an expert’s opinions about ideas rather than generating our own through a genuine act of discovery, not only creates a false belief in knowledge, but also a tragic diminution of creative insight on the part of the practitioner of lazy reason.

The Rising Tide Foundation is thus proud to present an array of original writings from great thinkers who’s lives were devoted in thought and practice to the betterment of humanity.

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Adams, John Quincy


Alighieri, Dante

Carey, Henry C.

Carey, Matthew

Carroll, Lewis

Cervantes, Miguel


Clay, Henry


Colbert, Jean-Baptiste

Cooper, James Fenimore

Cusa, Nicholas

Dana, James Dwight

Da Vinci, Leonardo

Defoe, Daniel

DeGaulle, Charles

Desiderius, Erasmus

Diop, Cheikh Anta

Douglass, Frederick

Dumas, Alexandre

Dunbar, Paul Laurence

Einstein, Albert

Erasmus of Rotterdam


Franklin, Benjamin

Furtwangler, Wilhelm

Gilpin, William

Hamilton, Alexander

Heine, Heinrich



Hugo, Victor

Humboldt, Alexander von

Humboldt, Wilhelm von

Huygens, Christian

Irving, Washington

Kaestner, Abraham

Keats, John

Keller, Helen

Kennedy, John F.

Kennedy, Robert

Kepler, Johannes

King, Martin Luther

Kohler, Wolfgang

LaRouche, Lyndon

Lea, Homer

Leibniz, Gottfried

Lessing, Gotthold

Lincoln, Abraham

List, Friedrich

Machiavelli, Niccolo

Mackenzie, William Lyon

Marlow, Christopher

Mather, Cotton


Mendelsohn, Moses

Mendeleev, Dimitri


Pacioli, Luca

Paine, Thomas

Papineau, Louis-Joseph

Pasteur, Louis

Philo of Alexandria

Planck, Max


Poe, Edgar

Pushkin, Alexander

Rabelais, Francois

Riemann, Bernard

Robeson, Paul

Roosevelt, Franklin

Saint Augustine of Hippo

Saint Irinaeus of Lyons

Schiller, Friedrich

Schweitzer, Albert


Shakespeare, William

Shelley, Percey Bysshe

Sina, Ibn

Sun Yat-sen

Swift, Jonathan

Tagore, Rabindranath


Tilak, Bal Gangadar

Trismegistus, Hermes

Tzu, Sun

Vernadsky, Vladimir


Villon, Francois

Wallace, Henry A.

Washington, George

X, Malcolm

Yuanpei, Cui

Zhu Xi

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